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We’ll make building your website easy. The process outlined below is for new website projects and large redesigns. If you already have a website on pcc.edu and just want to make content updates, please visit the website updates page.

New sites

If you're a resource, program or department that either doesn't have a website or only has a PCC/WebEasy, Spot or Intranet site, we'd be happy to build you a public website on pcc.edu. The website template is compliant with web and PCC standards making it fast to load, easy to search and accessible to people with disabilities. It has a modern, responsive design, meaning it will look great on all modern devices and screen sizes.

Being in the template also means you are a part of the larger pcc.edu website, which is the first place the public will look for your program, resource or department.

Your visitors will have easy access to PCC related resources and information through the global navigation and search provided on every page of the site. For more information on the advantages and cool tools you have access to being in the template, see the advantages to being in the PCC template section below.

    Preparation and planning

  1. Intake form

    Fill out this short intake form and we'll contact you to set up a meeting.

  2. Project scope

    In order for us to scope your project, we need to discuss the details with you. For many projects, it's helpful if you provide us a rough outline of your site's content.

  3. Scheduling

    The Web Team will review the scope of your project. We'll also determine your project's priority and establish a timeframe. We involve you in this discussion, but our planning process often includes consultation with Strategic Communications and Information Technology.

  4. Development

  5. Kickoff meeting

    A kickoff meeting will be held to officially start the development of your web pages. A primary goal of this meeting is to clearly identify the final product. We'll discuss expectations regarding roles, timelines and the development process. We'll also work to identify all content sections, imagery, multimedia requirements, location on the website and any other components required of the project.

  6. Content delivery

    Send us your content in a digital format (Google Doc, MS Word document, PDF) and photos including release forms if necessary. We'll develop a prototype using your content.

  7. Prototype review meeting

    The purpose of this meeting will be to approve the structure of the site. After you approve the structure, we'll fill in remaining content and take any photos or create any multimedia necessary.

  8. Content review and final updates

    You review the site for content errors or omissions and resolve any developer notes. Send these final updates to webteam@pcc.edu.

  9. Approval to launch

    The Web Team removes all developer notes and corrects all content errors before sending a final draft to you for approval.

  10. Site launched!

    We can continue to make updates and changes. See website updates for more information.

Advantages to being in the PCC template

The template is...

  • Compliant with web and PCC standards
  • Fast to load
  • Easy to search
  • Accessible to people with disabilities
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Has a modern design
  • Uses the official PCC branding

Among the things already listed, you'll have access to amazing site analytics tools and web components, a few of which are below:

Google Analytics graphAnalytics
We use Google Analytics to do things like count pageviews, track how people find your website and see what they do once they get there. Analytics help us make your website the best possible for students, faculty and staff.
Learning Garden slideshowSlideshows
Slideshows are a great way to highlight a special event or exhibit your students and their work. They don't take up much space on the page, but can exhibit multiple photos (we try to limit each slideshow to 10 photos). Photos can have captions, but don't have to. See a slideshow example on the Rock Creek Learning Garden website.
YouTube videoEmbedded video
As long is the video is hosted on the PCC YouTube channel and is fully captioned (not YouTube's automatic captions), we can embed it on your page. We can also embed playlists. Talk with Video Production for help making or captioning a video. See an embedded video example on the Auto Collision Repair website.
Bulletin calloutCallouts
Callouts are separate boxes that contain things like announcements, highlighted information, actionable items and related pages. They're colorful, eye-catching and help break the page into digestable sections. See examples of the different callouts on the Aviation Science website. The green box above is also a callout.
Gallery layoutGallery layouts
Gallery layouts display items of equal importance alongside each other, and contain links to those pages. They can include buttons, photos or icons as well as text. There can be two or more gallery items. See an example of a gallery layout on the Get started at PCC website.
Stylized listsStylized lists
Along with normal numbered and bulleted lists, we also have fancy stylized lists you can use. These include large numbered steps and yes-no lists, which have checkmarks and no symbols. There are examples of both above on this page.

Frequently asked questions

Why does our site need to be put into the PCC template?

PCC has elected to develop a website that is cohesive, has a consistent look, and supports the branding strategies of the college. When a user is on a PCC website, there should be common navigation and elements, and they should have easy access to other PCC resources and programs. A cohesive website will avoid experiences like this:

"I assumed these web pages were outdated since they had a different look than the rest of the PCC website." Survey respondent

In order to create this cohesion and consistency, the Web Team developed a template that enables global elements of the site to be changed easily and efficiently. The templates strictly adheres to W3C standards (the international standards organization for the World Wide Web). The site is also built using a style guide and development standards, so styles and usability throughout the site are consistent. Searchability from within the PCC site is also improved within the PCC template.

What if we don't like the PCC template?

Send us your feedback. We take all feedback into consideration as we continue to update the template.

Think about the user. Consistency throughout the PCC website aids our visitors in navigating.

Plus, we offer and continue to develop useful new features such as analytics, slideshows, embedded video, callouts and galleries that can only be utilized when your site is within the template.

Photographs also are a great way to customize your web pages. We're happy to help you obtain photos for your site.

Will my web pages be ready when I need them?

We work together with you to define realistic deadlines. Based on our discussions and other projects, the Web Team will provide an estimated project completion date for your project. We'll work hard to meet this schedule. We understand that other priorities appear and at times may require us to re-prioritize projects. Any anticipated delays will be discussed with you.

There may also be times when your workload priorities may take you away from the web project. Realizing that this may impact other Web Team projects, we may be forced to lower the priority of or re-schedule a project if deliverables are not received in a timely manner.

Please note: If a project is at the final review stage and we do not receive final approval, the Web Team will publish the new content after sending you a request for approval so that our users benefit from the new content and the effort put into the project does not go to waste.

We bought our own domain name and are designing our own site. Can you link the PCC site to it?

We don't link to PCC affiliated programs that are not within the PCC website. Domains may expire, get hacked or get taken over by a commercial enterprise we wouldn't want PCC affiliated with. It has happened in the past, so we have developed a strict standard on linking to outside sites. The pcc.edu domain name is also an important branding tool supporting PCC marketing efforts.