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Why is [pdf], [doc], [intranet] at the end of some links?

The main goal of the website is to provide accurate, accessible information to all of our staff, students and instructors. Linking to documents that require extra software is discouraged, but sometimes required. When this occurs, a label is added to the end of the link describing the type of document that is about to be opened.


Short for Portable Document Format. Turning a document into a PDF file allows it to maintain its integrity across multiple operating systems and when printed. We have all been frustrated by documents that don't come across properly when printed from the internet—well, PDF avoids that frustration. To view PDF files, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Files that were created with Microsoft Word. There aren't many of them, but in order to view these files, you will need to have Microsoft Word on your system. DOC files may also be able to be opened by other word processor applications such as WordPerfect, OpenOffice, or even AppleWorks, although the formatting may not be retained properly.


Some links are only accessible by faculty and staff via computers that are on campus and connected to the internal network. You will not be able to access these pages and documents from an off-campus computer.

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