Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Who can do it?

We need input from all kinds of students. You absolutely do not need to be a "computer person"!

  • current or future students
  • students with disabilities
  • first-generation students
  • non-native English speakers
  • veteran students

We're always trying to make the website easier to use. But first, we need to know how students are using it. We're looking for student testers to:

  • Explore beta websites
  • Help find accessibility issues
  • Test systems for bugs
  • Show us how you use the website!

Want to help? Nice!

  1. Sign up online.
  2. Come in for a 30 minute session. (Locations are flexible).
  3. We show you a website, you try to use it. Easy!
  4. You get a $10 bookstore card.
  5. All done!