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You have the power to easily maintain your words and images yourself, without knowing or having to learn HTML programming or complex software. Very little training is needed. For helping getting started please read the quickstart guide. For more in depth help, see the WebEasy Guide.

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Benefits of Using PCC/WebEasy

  • With PCC/WebEasy, every chartered student organization can create and edit its own Web site, regardless of resources.
  • PCC/WebEasy helps you meet legal requirements for accessibility.
  • Your readers will see an easy-to-read interface that is familiar and comfortable and has continuity with other PCC communications.
  • No special software is needed. Just use a Web browser to access PCC/WebEasy from any Macintosh or Windows computer, anywhere in the world.
  • People can find your organization's Web pages easily. Using PCC/WebEasy, they are searchable by using the search function found on every page of the PCC Web site. Also, a link to your site will appear on the menu at www.pcc.edu/clubs.