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Communicating to Current Students

In the past, many academic programs had their own PCC/WebEasy site or Spot site. They controlled it and put all their information up on those sites. The Web Team is currently migrating all PCC sites into the new PCC template and eliminating most PCC/WebEasy and Spot sites. We have defined the audience for the public www.pcc.edu/program sites as prospective students and their families.

Academic programs need a way to communicate and advise current students.
The MyPCC portal is the way to communicate with current students. There are quite a few options of how to do that:
  1. Create a MyPCC Group.

    You can create private or a public groups. Students and staff may sign up for the group. The group leader may also sign individuals up for a group.

    Groups are cool. It's a portal website with an assortment of tools you can use from targeted Announcements (that show up in group members' My Announcements channel and on the group homepage,) to an interactive chat between group members. You can also post news, photos, files, links and send email to all the members. Give it a try. There is training available!

  2. Send an Announcement to appear in the My Announcements channel.

    Under the Employee tab, there is a Communicate channel. Click on 'Publicize @ PCC'. Fill out the 'Publicize Your News' form under News and Announcements. You can target all the students in your program or students in a particular class. After approval, your announcement will be posted under My Announcements for those you indicated as your audience.

  3. Use MyPCC Course Tools.

    Under the My Courses tab, students find their courses for the term. Each course has the ability to use MyPCC Course Tools. With Course Tools you can create a homepage, post announcements, files and photos, send targeted email and students can chat. There's also a message board and a calendar. (Course Tools are similar to Groups, but they are specifically for courses, so they are deleted at the end of the term. See the next item, Consolidated Course Tools for Course Tools that don't get deleted after one term.)

  4. Create Consolidated Course Tools

    Consolidated Course Tools are just like Course Tools, but they will not be deleted at the end of the term. This makes them useful for classes that are continued into the next term.

    This also works to create one communal Consolidated Course Tool for the entire program. See your campus presentation support specialist for assistance.


Including a "current student" section on the academic program page.


  • The addition of this information may confuse potential students.
  • The addition of this information will dilute the marketing potential of the academic pages. In other words: Too much information is not a good thing.

Linking to PCC/WebEasy, Spot or private site (www) site with program information.


  • Having the information as a direct link will be no less confusing to students.
  • The redundant information makes it easier for at least one of the sites to become outdated.
  • We are phasing out PCC/WebEasy and Spot sites that are used for this purpose.

The MyPCC portal is for current students. Students will definitely be checking in on MyPCC to register and pay their bill and many use it much more frequently.

Try this:

  • Post an Announcement to a targeted audience. (See above for instructions.) Students are more likely to be in MyPCC then they are to keep checking the www.pcc.edu program web page.

Rather then trying to maintain a separate site, help us to maintain the one that students are visiting.

Try this:

  • Does the information you are posting pertain to prospective students? If yes, send it to the Web Team using the 'send corrections or feedback' link at the bottom of all pcc.edu web page where you want the program information to appear. If it is for current students, use one of the many MyPCC tools listed above.

  • In this migration, we are also trying to reduce redundancy and consolidate information on the www.pcc.edu website. If you have a scholarship or job, why not utilize the resources that already exist in the college to help promote these sorts of things, such as the Scholarships web page or the Student and Graduate Employment Services? Your students might appreciate learning about these services.

    (If a scholarship pertains to prospective students, we can post a bulletin on the pcc.edu program site to alert students. You might also consider using My Announcements or Group/Course Tools to send out targeted announcements or emails.)

  • Most users will try to find PCC information on the PCC websites. If you purchase a private domain, users will not be able to find your site. Contact the Web Team for assistance with your website.