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External links

The vast majority of the links in the website are internal - they point to other pages within the pcc.edu domain. The rest point to pages on the internet that are not controlled by PCC. Due to the ubiquitous nature linking on the world-wide-web, these external links are not marked in any special way. Also see: Lists of external links

Two main problems exist when linking to external websites: 1) PCC does not control the information on the linked pages. Therefore we have no way to guarantee that the information will stay current, valuable or even accessible for any amount of time. The domain may be bought and information replaced by a third party without notification. 2) Any organization that we link to may be seen as an endorsement of that organization by the college.
  1. If the organization has a partnership with the college, an external link (for a limited amount of time in the case of sponsors of an event) may be perfectly acceptable. If the organization is corporate in nature, consider printing the name but not providing a link. This validates the partnership, but does not provide the direct access that can be seen as an endorsement.

  2. Never provide a deceptive link! A link to a sponsor should go directly to a homepage - not a page of the sponsor's choosing.

  3. Even without a direct partnership, adding a small number of relevant external links can be a valuable service to our readers. However, each link should be evaluated individually. Non-profits and other educational institutions should be given precedence over commercial sites.

  4. Suggest keywords for students to conduct Internet searches. This is especially a good idea when pointing students to commercial resources. This way no single business is being endorsed.

  5. Make sure that links are directed to the correct people. Website resources for current students should be placed in MyPCC, or a D2L course directly rather then on the main pcc.edu website.


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