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Believe it or not, being on the web team means being a problem solver!

Every day, we encounter problems that are in need of a solution. Sometimes finding a solution is easy - other times it can take a lot of work, meetings and brainstorming. The following is an archive containing some of the web related problems that have crossed our paths. It is not meant as a set of official rules. Rather it should be used as a toolbox to help fix reoccurring issues.

Yours humbly,
PCC Webteam

Solution Set Last Modified
external links {ts '2011-07-21 11:38:24'}
forms {ts '2008-10-16 16:46:30'}
lists of external links {ts '2011-03-08 11:48:53'}
student communication {ts '2012-11-06 16:55:51'}
sub dfxp {ts '2009-11-16 17:49:54'}
url shortcuts {ts '2008-10-16 16:46:32'}