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Web standards are important to us. They ensure that the pages are accessible and future compatible. One important part of verifying your pages is making sure that the code is valid. Each and every page should pass the W3C markup validator. If it does not - it is either an older page that still needs to be migrated, or we made a mistake and should be punished accordingly.

Browser Support

Test features not browsers! If you try to test for browser vendors and versions you will always be behind. Instead, test for the features you need, and do your best to have things degrade nicely and neatly when the feature is unavailable. JavaScript may be used to improve the usability and/or presentation of a page but should never be required. If a feature is absolutely necessary then test for it and recommend a browser upgrade only if it fails. People don't like to be forced into downloading, installing, and using particular software, options are always best.

Feature Test

For the following tests, green text means the test was passed, red or default color means the test failed.

  • CSS Support - standard
  • CSS Support - child selector, >
  • CSS Support - attribute substring match, [id*=css3]
  • DOM Test (using JavaScript) - failed