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Web standards are important to us. They ensure pages are accessible and function properly on all devices and browsers. One important part of making sure your pages follow web standards is to validate the code. Each and every page should pass the W3C markup validator. Just past your page's URL into the Address box and click Check. If one of your pages doesn't pass, contact the Web Team and we can help fix the problem. Chances are there is an issue in the code structure, which can be difficult or impossible to fix in a content management system like WordPress.

Browser and device support

In a world with more devices and browsers than even the best developer can keep track of, browser and device support is more important than ever. Most major modern devices and browsers will behave in a relatively similar way, but that doesn't mean we can ignore older technologies. This is mostly the Web Team's job, but we have to make sure features maintain usability when using older or less robust technologies. JavaScript may be used to improve the usability and/or presentation of a page, but should never be required.