Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Monday, October 22, 2007

Amy Thackery, Katherine McDonald, Gabriel McGovern, Karen Sorensen, Nell Gladstone, Jennifer Boehmer


  • Winter schedule goes to print Oct. 30th
  • New Communities magazine coming out soon, which also means new Community Ed schedule. Web team will be posting both and creating an announcement for the magazine.
  • Web Features committee changes - Dana is now coordinating meeting
  • Pow-wow web page - need URL by Friday for posters and printed materials
  • Financial Aid Day fliers in English and Spanish available. Katherine will get them to us, so we can update the web pages.
  • Discussion about promotion of African Film Festival through email. Can/should flash be used in email. Gabe says no. Need to discuss other ideas. Nell, Gabe and Dana will meet to discuss this later.
  • IHP website - Karen meeting with Irene and Maria this Wednesday morning. For now we will just focus on getting their content. After getting their content, Jennifer would like to discuss the possibility of making their home page a secondary home page.
  • Jennifer, Amy and Gabe need to get together to discuss Project You. No date decided on.
  • Amy and Gabe need to get together to discuss the pcc.edu home page. No date decided on.

Monday July 30, 2007

Amy Thackery, Katherine McDonald, Gabriel McGovern, Karen Sorensen


  • Marketing gave a status update on the new PCC Magazine and Community Ed schedule.
    • Could be arriving on doorsteps as early as Aug 13th.
    • Jennifer did not get back to us about placing an announcement on the homepage and corresponding page. We will contact Dana to see if he can put something together about the results of the magazine survey.
  • Discussed "Project You" which will be featured in the magazine.
    • Jennifer was not able to meet with us last week as expected, but did send a last minute email. For now, we will work with Amy to create a 1-page splash page linked from the community ed site.
  • "Weekend College" - Phyllis has updated the schedule to allow for displaying the weekend classes. We will send Russell and Amy more information.
  • Separating the Credit Catalog
    • Marketing (justifiably) feels that they should not be in charge of separating the catalog by program. However, this is an important task that needs to be done.
    • The process takes about a full-day to complete.
    • In the future, we should speak to Steve Smith about assigning responsibility for this task.
  • Other Catalogs
    • IHP - Katherine will still send to us.
    • Community Ed - Not currently posted, but we have received request for it.
    • Computer Ed - Unclear if a print version is happening this term. We will contact Carol Squire for details.

Thursday June 21, 2007

Amy Thackery, Tyler Lechtenberg, Katherine McDonald, Gabriel McGovern, Karen Sorensen, Jennifer Boehmer


  • Marketing gave us an update on their Lean Process
  • Asian Studies symposium coming up in October
    • Closer to the event, Marketing will get Web Team a PDF registration page to be posted on the Asian Studies website
    • Also discussion of a news story on the upcoming event. Alert James Hill.
  • No further information on Community Education language changes for fall term
    • "... CED is getting the word from the state that they are to stay away from promoting noncredit classes specifically as job preparedness. " (from Jennifer Boehmer's email on 6-15-07)
    • " ...Starting with fall term 2007, please do not refer to "programs", "certificates", or "awards of certificates" in any marketing or promotional materials for Community Education courses (particularly those that are closely associated with jobs and careers). ¬†Also eliminate language such as "develop careers", prepare for jobs, etc. We have been asked to not use the word "award" until we have clear information from the state. " (from Tonya Booker, Community Ed. director email attached to Jennifer's)
    • Gabe said we need the information yesterday in order to make all of these changes to the website by fall term. ".. If this does affect the web sites for fall term, we will need to know as soon as possible. It would require us to change a large number of pages. For example: the Community Education Online section alone is divided into "Professional Enhancement" and "Career Field Training". http://www.pcc.edu/community/online/ " (Gabe's email back to Jennifer)
  • Kaleidoscope announcement coming down to make room for another announcement.
    • Jennifer wants to let Tonya know before it happens. She will email her today (6-21-07).
  • Marketing is developing a survey for clients. Discussion on whether it should be a web team project or a 3rd party tool.
    • Marketing will explore using Survey Monkey tool.
  • Gabe and Karen working on:
    • Online Orientation. Gabe is part of a larger committee working on the Online Orientation. Draft to Tyler of text by end of July is expected. Gabe will keep Marketing (Jennifer in particular) updated on this project.
    • Distance website updates: Dismantling faculty site and conversion from WebCT to Blackboard
    • Kelly Marks Event form
    • Vet Tech Coop Ed. form
    • Migration
  • Kaleidoscope changing dramatically - Cover and magazine name changing. Some sort of web presence in late August to promote it is anticipated.
    • Discussion of it being a web feature.
    • Jennifer coming to web features meeting next Wednesday (June 27) to talk more about it. (She might be a little late.)
    • Jennifer sending Gabe notes from the meetings on this subject to give him an idea of the goals of the changes.

Wednesday June 6, 2007

Amy Thackery, Tyler Lechtenberg, Katherine McDonald, Gabriel McGovern, Karen Sorensen


  • Check-in
  • Cooler email: Gabe has the CBI newsletter ready for Marketing
  • Web Features for next week ready to go
  • 5 new academic program brochure text is ready for Karen to use on websites
  • Create a Flyer application: Gabe will grab logo from Grommit to use to update Create-a-Flyer application
  • Shortcut: pcc.edu/success being used by Marketing. We reviewed the page which is about a year old, but agreed that it still worked
  • Gabe told Marketing about Wireless access sign-in site that he had been working on. He knows they are planning on fliers.