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Tag line options

Several options are being considered:

Designs, when less is more

We may not yet have the brand recognition needed to follow in Oxford's footsteps. But, perhaps we can take a step in the right direction. Let's look at the design steps:

v4.0 Amy's Original
This is one of the original designs presented by Amy.
v4.1 Gabriel's take
This design is not perfect, but attempts to address several problem. Color is moved from the tabs to the "features" area. This way navigation is consistent with lower level pages.
v4.2 Here's a good one... Maybe too blue?
Rather then trying to infuse more color, we could try simplifying the pallet to help emphasize the images and titles. Color blocks have been integrated into a smooth gradient. Titles and link areas have been highlighted in yellow.
v4.3 What about this?
Less blue equals nice. Yet, it may be too dark. Gives a heavy feeling on the lower left.
v4.4 OK - this one is even better...
The curves/waves have been moved up. This helps to better define the areas. The area below the waves has also been lightened. Sections feel more connected. There also may be room for more color.