Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Wednesday June 27, 2007 (9:00am - 10:30am)

James Hill, Dana Haynes, Tyler Lechtenberg, Katherine McDonald, Gabriel McGovern, Luis Menchu


  • Review summer schedule
    • James to let Gabriel know if additional photos for "Cooke I" story are available. If not, James will see if the student is available for new photo shoot.
    • Gabriel relayed positive feedback on "World at Your Feet" and "Ready, Set, Write" stories.
    • James relayed positive feedback from other institutions on our features and how they have inquired into our process.
    • James update that Admissions story is ready to go and that Advising/Testing story will be ready this week.
    • Consensus that summer schedule is still good.
  • Next year prep (Fall 2007 through Summer 2008)
    • Group identified stories that most likely will re-run next year. Katherine will identify these stories on our schedule for future reference. Katherine will also create an initial schedule for next year with re-run stories in place.
    • James reviewed stories already in work for fall.
    • Group discussed new story ideas for next year. Luis offered ideas originating from recent updates sent out by Sylvania President's office and President's office. Dana mentioned a potential source for story needs/ideas that may come about in the next month or two.
  • Other discussion items
    • Discussion on subject review of story. Agreement on allowing a subject to review a story for factual checking with a deadline for corrections.
    • Web Team can help with photos for stories.
    • Discussion on adding byline to bottom of stories. Gabriel will incorporate a byline into future stories giving credit for story and photographs. There will not be a contact link associated with this. Contacts will remain via the story submission link at the top of the page and input link in the footer of each page.
    • Discussion on possible home page layout offering an option for vertical imagery layout.
    • Luis brought up the topic of opening features to public comments. This was discussed (thanks Tyler) in a recent meeting regarding the home page and was brought up here to start the thought process. Good ideas and concerns were shared. There is agreement on moving forward to flesh out the ideas and plans.
    • Revisited the idea of giving students a feature story assignment. Dana suggested this opportunity could be expanded to the photography as well. Luis will contact faculty in writing and journalism areas to identify potential students.