Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The Web Team is dedicated to improving the college's public web presence. Our hope is to focus on improving usability while maintaining a site where information is easy to find, the content is accurate, and the needs of all of our users are properly be met.

Specific site goals

Update the site continuity
Prior to 2005, the website was built using many different templates. This gave separated sections of the site different looks, which often confused our users and made the site difficult to maintain. One of our current major goals is to migrate all of the content into a new standard template. For more details on the migration check out the migration schedule.
Improve navigation
This ongoing migration will not only help to make the website consistent, but it also gives us the chance to update the navigation and remove redundant information.
Maintain accurate content
With so many pages, it can be hard to maintain accurate content. We offer a two-tiered management system. This includes maintaining much of the content directly, but also offering clients Adobe Contribute when the pages require constant updating.