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The PCC Web Editor's Rubric

Test how well your webpage meets our standards for the web and our standards for accessibility.

Standard Correct Incorrect

Page Title

Page title is an accurate, concise description of the content (often it is the same as the page heading.)

It is formatted as follows:
Web page | PCC

Example from this page:
Web Editor's Rubric | PCC

Page title is inaccurate, doesn't use real words or fails to identify the website, the page or PCC.

Example of an incorrect page title for this page:

Writing for the Web tips

Writing well for the web:
  • Headlines are direct and compelling.
  • Content is organized, chunked out well into small, digestible pieces.
  • Links are descriptive.
  • No grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.

Not writing well for the web:

  • Too much text on one page.
  • Not easy to scan the page for relevant content.
  • Links like, click here are used instead of links that describe where it will take the user.
  • Poor spelling, grammar and/or punctuation.
Word Usage, Text Formatting & Styles

Site is semantically correct and follows the Content Consistency rules and validates with the W3C validator.

Site is not semantically correct and Content Consistency rules have not been followed.
Can I post that on our website?

No copyright infringement and documents are all titled and optimized PDFs.

Copyright infringement.

Tables Tables are used to display tabular data and done in a way that makes that data more easily comprehended. Tables are used to create page layout.
Navigational Links

Sidebar links are used appropriately and consistently throughout the website.

It is easy for user to know where they are on the site and where they need to go next.

Sidebar link is a confusing mix of sibling, parent and child links.

As a user I am confused where I am and where I need to go next.

Using Images

Photos are:

  • sized appropriately
  • in the correct file format (.jpg)
  • labeled with an alternative text tag for screen readers
  • are aligned with styles (.alignright, .alignleft, .aligncenter)

And are meaningful to the page content

Photos are

  • odd sizes or formats,
  • are not labeled with an alternative text tag for screen readers
  • and are not aligned with styles
Naming a New Web Page html file
  • Uses all lowercase letters.
  • Does not use spaces.
  • Other than hyphen, does not use any other non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Is a descriptive file name that is long enough to be clear in its meaning, but short enough to be flexible.
  • Makes for an easy to remember file name.


  • rubric.html
  • text-styles.html
  • Uses mixed case letters.
  • Uses spaces.
  • Has other non-alphanumeric characters (e.g., underscores and apostrophes)
  • Is long and includes unnecessary information.

How not to name your file:
Gary's_feb 27 2010 print schedule_DRAFT.html