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Publishing a New Page

Naming the New Web Page file before Publishing It

The web page file name appears in the URL/web address for the web page. "new-page.html" is the name of this web page file. Find it at the end of the URL web address that is showing for this page now.

Follow these rules when naming your web page file:

  1. Use all lowercase letters. It's easier to remember url's when case is not an issue.
  2. Do not use spaces. If you need to separate two words use a hyphen '-', not an underscore. (e.g. web-classes.html)
  3. Other than hyphen, do not use any other non-alphanumeric characters.
  4. Use descriptive folder and file names. The ideal name will be long enough to be clear in its meaning, but short enough to be flexible. Avoid the over-use of abbreviations and remember that what might make perfect sense to you, an insider, may be complete gibberish to the viewer.
naming new html file


Then click Publish. Congratulations! Your page is now published, but no one can get to it. You still need to create a link to it.

  • When you have completed the changes you wanted to make to the page, click Publish on the Toolbar. publish web page
  • You will then see this window letting you know that there are no links to this file yet. Click Yes, you know. We will create links to it next.no links to new page

Linking to a New Page

Now we link to the page. Browse to the page that you want to link to the new page from.

  1. In the Edit mode, type descriptive words for the link, such as "The trainer wants to link to the Create a New Page Instructions" Avoid the use of "Click here" which doesn't describe what users will be linking to.
  2. Highlight the words of your link, highlighted textthen click Link in the Toolbar, and choose Drafts and Recent Pages. Browse to a new page
  3. A list of recent new pages will appear and you just need to click on the one you want, and click OK.select a recent new page
  4. Your link will now be active. If you are done making changes to that page, click Publish in the Toolbar.

As soon as you publish this page with the link on it, your new page will be viewable by the public. Congratulations!