Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Need a photo?

The Office of Strategic Communications has a collection of professionally taken photographs of the campuses and students available for college publications, including websites. You can contact them to request photos for your page.

You can also take your own photos, but make sure to get photo releases from your subjects.

Photo Guidelines

  • Type - Images to be displayed on the website should be saved in .jpg or .png format.
  • Size - Images are limited to a width of 500px, or less. Adobe Contribute will automatically resize the photo to 500px wide upon upload if your image is larger.
  • Alternate Text - Meaningful images must have a text equivalent, namely an alt attribute. Alt text should be brief but descriptive. Purely decorative images should contain an empty alt value (e.g. alt="").

Available Styles

There are three main classes that can be applied to images to control the alignment and border. These classes should be used instead of aligning the image manually.

  • alignleft: Floats the image left and pads it from the surrounding text. 1px black border is also applied.
  • alignright: Floats the image right and pads it from the surrounding text. 1px black border is also applied.
  • aligncenter: Places the image in the center, pushing text above and below. 1px black border is also applied.

How to Add a Photo to Your Web Page

When an individual's work or likeness is to be used in any PCC publication, a PCC Media Release is required.

  1. In the Edit mode, place your cursor where you want your photo to be approximately.

  2. Click the Image button from the Toolbar, and choose From My Computer from the dropdown menu.

    inserting an image onto page
  3. Navigate and click on the photo you want to use. Choose Select.selecting photo file
  4. If the photo is too large for the website, Contribute will reduce its size to the maximum amount allowed. If your photo still isn't the size you want it to be, double click on it and this window will appear (without the yellow or orange ):resizing photo
  5. Enter the Display width at no larger than 550 Pixels. Keep the Constrain proportions box checked. And enter a description of the photo. Click OK. Don't worry about alignment, border or margins. We are going to take care of that in the next easy step.
  6. Click on your photo in the page to select it. Now click on the drop down Styles menu on the Toolbar, highlighted below in yellow.styles menu
  7. Choose alignleft if you want to align the photo to the left of the page, alignright if you want to align it to the right, and aligncenter if you want it to be centered horizontally on the page. Styles are used throughout the website to apply style to the page. The align styles apply a border and float the image left or right so text will wrap around it. style menu
  8. Also on the toolbar are image editing tools to rotate, lighten and sharpen your photo. (You must first click on the photo to select it.) photo editing tools

Congratulations! If you can add photos and apply styles, you are on your way to mastering Contribute!