Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Creating a New Page

  1. You are going to first copy a current page on your site and then edit it. So first browse to a page you would like to copy. Maybe one with similar elements that you will want to use on your new page.
  2. When you are at the page you want to copy, click New... on the Toolbar.Edit page
  3. Then click Copy of Current PageNew Page type

Page Title

The page title appears in the Title bar of a browser. A descriptive page title is very important to search engines and affects how well your page does in search engine rankings.

Enter a title for the new page in the Page title field (see yellow highlighted field in image above). Page titles should identify the website and the page, so they are quickly identifiable in search results. Examples are:

  • Fitness Technology: Frequently Asked Questions | PCC (The column between Questions and PCC is created pressing the shift key with the backslash key.)
  • Fitness Technology: Careers | PCC

In most cases the page title should include the page heading (the Heading 2) and always end with " | PCC" . This gives the best search results.