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Linking to a document

Don't forget about Copyright when you are posting documents. You cannot publish another person's work without their permission. See PCC's Copyright Statement, rules and guidelines.

Should you link to a document?

There are many reasons to avoid linking to documents, even PDFs. HTML pages are the most accessible way to get your content out there, so please make sure that it's truly necessary to link to a document before doing so.

Types of documents

On the Web, it is preferable to post PDF's rather than Microsoft Word documents or some other proprietary software type document. All you need to read a PDF is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which most people already have on their computers.

Always Use a PDF document unless:
You know your audience all has MS Word software and you want your audience to type in the document.
What about PowerPoint Presentations?
PowerPoint presentations should be converted into PDF documents. It will be much faster to open up, your audience will not need special software to view it, and it will look very similar to the original PowerPoint.

How to link to a document

If you're sure that linking to a document is necessary, here's how to do it:

  1. In the Edit mode, type descriptive words for the link, such as "See the PCC Catalog for more information." Avoid the use of "Click here" which doesn't describe what users will be linking to.
  2. Highlight the words of your link, highlighted textthen click Link in the Toolbar, and choose File on My Computer. Link dropdown button
  3. Click BrowseLink options window
  4. Browse to your document, and Select your document.

    select document
  5. Click OK. When you Publish your page, the PDF document will automatically be uploaded to your website.

Congratulations! You have successfully linked to a document!