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How to Get Started

  1. Submit the account request form. We will confirm whether you can edit this area of the site. There may be technical reasons you cannot.
  2. Contact the Help Desk and ask that the editing software, Adobe Contribute, be installed on your computer.
  3. Attend a training session. After that, you will be ready to go!

Web Standards

There are certain ways we do things on the Portland Community College website so that the overall website stays compliant with W3C standards and PCC standards. If your site is in the PCC template, you are starting off with a page that is compliant with W3C Standards, which means your website will:

  • load faster for the user
  • render better on mobile devices
  • be more accessible to all users

Following the PCC standards will optimize your user's experience throughout the entire www.pcc.edu website. These standards have developed out of the user experience information the PCC Web Team gathers through user feedback, usability studies and very detailed user analytic data gathered behind the scenes.

Web Editing with Contribute

Contribute is a Browser and Website Editor
Learn to navigate to the page you want to edit.
Editing a Page
How to get into edit mode, make changes and publish a page.
Link to a Document
How to upload and link to a document and how to replace an existing document on your website.
Link to an Email Address
Create a link to an email address that will open up the pcc email form.
Link to Another Web Page
Link to another web page either within your website or anywhere on the Web.
Create and Link To a New Web Page
Create a new page and link to it.
Publish a New Page and Link to it
How to publish a new page, give it a good file name and link to it from other pages.
Add a Photo to the Web Page
Add a photo to your web page with style (give it a border, justify it right left or center, make text wrap around it.)
Text Formatting & Styles

How to follow and apply PCC's web styles to page elements such as headings and images, in order to give your site a sense of cohesion to the larger pcc.edu website.

Adding Tables
Creating tables for tabular data.
Navigation Links
When should you have a right column (sidebar) navigation? What sort of pages should be listed there? How do I add the sidebar, and how do I take it off a page?
Delete a Web Page or PDF File
If you want to get rid of a page or PDF file from your website, here's how to do it.
Need More Help?
Don't we all! Just kidding. Here are more ways to find the answer.