Web Features


Web features are a marketing tool conveying our core values and societal worth. They tell the compelling stories of the people of PCC. By presenting a face that people can relate to, we hope to enhance the community's interest and personal investment in PCC.

Features exemplify the PCC vision through the stories of our students, faculty and staff. Each feature presents a profile of how a person's life brought them to PCC and how the college has impacted their life. People and relationships are the focus, and the context is timely. Through personal stories, web features share the values of PCC as:

  • an outstanding educational institution,
  • a bridge between potential and achievement, and
  • an active participant in our diverse community.


Web features consist of primary and secondary stories with an occasional tertiary story available. The primary feature is presented on the home page through a strong leading image with story headline and subdeck text incorporated onto the image. The primary image links into the full story. Secondary and tertiary features consist of a thumbnail image with accompanying headline and subdeck text. The headline, thumbnail and 'more' option link into the full story.


Features change on a weekly basis (with flexibility for longer periods) as scheduled by the Web Features Committee. Current membership:

  • Marketing
    • Jennifer Boehmer
    • Russell Banks
  • Web Team
    • Gabriel McGovern
    • Karen Sorensen
    • Luis Menchu
  • Public Affairs
    • James Hill
  • Publications
    • Deana MacKay
    • Katherine McDonald

Staff with suggestions for web features can contact James Hill (jghill@pcc.edu).


  • Web features are not:
    • a 'sales' tool for individual programs or classes
    • press releases
    • event announcements
  • Headlines and subdecks do not generally use "PCC" or "Portland Community College" as part of the text. The home page already provides this reference.
  • Headlines reflect the person's story (not the program or department)