Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The CLIMB Center for Advancement is a section of the college that offers continuing education courses for professional training and business development.

Website Structure

CLIMB was developed from a reorganization of courses previously labeled CBI and Computer Education. It now contains four main product groupings: Health Professionals, Small Business Development, and Contract Training. The website is defined by the following structure:


Below is a definition of each page type. Information that can/should be updated on a regular basis is noted in each image.

homepageCLIMB Homepage

The homepage is directly linked to from the PCC homepage. It contains introductory information and links to each of the product groups.

1. Featured Individuals
Stories that help new clients understand how CLIMB can help them. They can be about students, staff, or community partners.
  • Who to contact with updates: Marketing
2. CLIMB News
This news is pulled directly from news.pcc.edu. Stories marked "climb" will show up here and on the CLIMB news archive.
  • Who to contact with updates: Public Affairs

GroupProduct Group

Each product group has it's own page.

1. Highlighted Courses/News
This area can be used to highlight new items and courses.
  • Who to contact with updates: Web Team
2. Products
Each product offered is listed on this page. Products correspond to the topics listed in the schedule. Marketing will work with you to create an appropriate product name. The web team will work with you and marketing to create the new product page.
  • Who to contact with updates: Marketing and Web Team

GroupProduct Page

Describes the product as a field of study, or possible career.

1. What is it?
An introduction for people new to the product. Used to explain what you would do in this field.
2. Is it right for you?
Affirms who will benefit from entering this field. What kinds of skills should they already have? What will help them be successful.
3. Available Options
A list of currently offered courses - now pulled directly from the schedule. All available terms/courses will be shown.
  • Who to contact with updates: Schedule Admins

optionOption Page

Only created when a future course needs to be promoted.

Option Page Content
Should be limited to essential information - When is this course going to be offered? What do you need to know to be ready?
  • Who to contact with updates: Web Team
Contact the web team to talk about creating option pages.