Announcements provide space on the PCC homepage to share noteworthy information to our public audience. Announcements are of interest to a broader audience that would not typically be targeted by an email or a MyPCC announcement. Examples of announcements include timely notifications regarding upcoming and planned closures (e.g., Thanksgiving), a public event (that isn't currently a feature or spotlight), class schedule release, and public awareness spots (e.g., seasonal information regarding weather closure information).

Announcements can be used to highlight topics that would not otherwise be included as a web feature or spotlight and to reinforce current marketing campaigns (e.g., Weekend College push). They are timely and short-lived. Most announcements only remain on the home page for a two week run. Typically there are only two announcements posted at any one time, but it is possible to include three items.

Announcements include a title and subdeck text. They typically include a small thumbnail image but this is not a requirement. The title, subdeck and image link to a content level page for more details.

The Web Team manages announcement requests and posting.