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Are clickable areas obvious? Which elements focus the user's attention?

Tracking the movement of the user's eye will show where they looks when they scan the page. Jacob Nielson has done work eye tracking and found some interesting results. However, real eye-tracking is an expensive process. A less expensive method is to use click mapping. Click maps register where users click on the page, giving an indication of where their eyes are drawn.

Heatmap SampleEvaluating our homepage

In early May, marketing approached us with some items that they wanted to see incorporate into the homepage. Our homepage alone typically receives over 500,000 visits a month. Any change, needs to be thought out carefully as it would impact thousands of users. A click map has been set up to better evaluate how people interact with the current version of the page.

For this evaluation we decided to use a trial of clickdensity.com. It will allow us to track the page for one month free. There is a limit of 5000 saved clicks at a time. Since our site receives 5000 to 20,000 visits a day - we will save a snapshot every weekday to get an indication of use.