Senior Service Corps

Sylvania CC 234 | 971-722-4358 or 503-639-7208 | FAX: 503-452-9581 | Office Hours: Tuesdays 8am - 12 noon

A great volunteer opportunity!

The Senior Service Corps (SSC) is a volunteer program for older adults. It provides seniors with meaningful projects, a chance to become part of the campus community, and the opportunity to learn about programs and classes within the college.

Senior Service Corps volunteers:

  • Are age 50 years and up.
  • Are covered by insurance.
  • Receive parking passes when needed.

Examples of SSC Volunteers at Work

Special Projects Volunteer Pool

  • Greet new students at the beginning of each term.
  • Help radiology students several times each term by acting as patients during student exams.

Ongoing jobs

  • Host a campus information desk.
  • Build sets for the theater arts program.
  • Provide office support.
  • Help in the library.
  • Organize and maintain the rock and fossil collection for the geology department.

A Position That Fits You

We try to design a position that fits your interests and time commitments.

This could be from several times a term to once or more a week. You could work at any of PCC's campuses and centers.