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Cheat Sheets

Great Trigonometry Cheat Sheet: http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/pdf/Trig_Cheat_Sheet_Reduced.pdf


  • KhanAcademy: (all math) Excellent videos, but you can also login and practice.
    Important: You do not have to go through every practice, you can pick and choose.
  • HippoCampus: (MTH 20, 60, 65, 95, 111) Excellent videos, many from Khan Academy, but they are more closely related to our courses. However, the topics are not in the same order.
  • CoolMath: (MTH 20, 60, 65, 95, 111, 112) Good and flashy :)

Further websites recommended by students:

Statistics Resources

General helpful Statistics links:

For those who use R in their Statistics class, here are some websites to help you learn how to use R:

Calculator Support Sites


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