English Skills Center

Sylvania Library 140 | English Skills Coordinator: Laurel Spillum - Fall 2014 On-Campus Schedule

Fall 2014 English Skills Tutoring Schedule
This is a printable schedule of the tutors' availability.
Fall 2014 Tutoring in Other Subjects
Tutoring in subjects such as Speech Communications, Basic Philosophy, Law, and History (varies each term) is available in the English Skills area of the Student Learning Center according to this printable schedule.
Workshops to Improve Your English Skills
During fall, winter, and spring terms, we offer workshops on a variety of helpful topics. We have workshops on grammar and punctuation, reading comprehension, essay writing, COMPASS Placement Test preparation, helpful software, and much, much more!
Workshops to Help You Use Technology to Succeed with Reading and Writing Assignments
During fall, winter, and spring terms, we offer workshops intended to give you tips on keyboarding skills, Easybib, and other reading and writing-related technology.
Self-Paced English Skills Lab Classes for 0, 1, 2, and 3 Credits
Develop your reading, writing, and communication skills at your own pace. Contact the English Coordinator for more information. These classes are not offered at Sylvania Campus during summer term.
Fall 2014 English Conversation Groups
Drop in on these free Conversation Groups in the Student Learning Center’s Conference Room. (Groups are most appropriate for students at ESOL level 4 or higher.)
Fall 2014 English Conversation Partner Program
Student and volunteer participants wanted for the English Conversation Partner Program!
We need volunteers who speak English like a native language to spend an hour a week (or more) working with students who are non-native speakers of English and want to practice their speaking and listening skills. Please complete the orientation and come by the Sylvania Student Learning Center to find out more. Submit inquiries and volunteer availability forms to Shani Ong or Laurel Spillum in the center.
U.S. Cultural Literacy Film Events
Understand American culture better and have some Friday afternoon fun by watching a few popular American movies together. Hosted by the Student Learning Center's English Conversation Program.
YouTube Podcasts in English Skills
Online English skills podcasts in composition, grammar, and punctutation.
Online Study and Practice Materials
Online English skills resources in grammar & writing, reading, vocabulary, spelling, study skills, and communication & pronunciation.