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SY Student Learning Center

We are an informal, drop-in tutoring and study area. We offer free tutoring in math, English, statistics, accounting, business, philosophy, and more for PCC students on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have a computer lab (PCs only) and offer English and Math self-paced lab classes. We are staffed by a combination of faculty, professional, work-study and volunteer tutors.


  • Monday-Thursday: 9-8
  • Friday: 9-3
  • Saturday: 10-3
  • Sunday: Closed

We close at noon on the first Friday and all day the first Saturday of the term. During finals week we are open Monday-Tuesday, 9am – 8pm and Wednesday-Thursday, 9am – 5pm.

See the current tutoring schedule.

We offer

English and Math self-paced classes

Take English Skill Building or Math classes for 0, 1, 2, or 3 credits at your own pace with the help of our Lab Instructors.

Contact Heiko Spoddeck, ALC Math Instructor or Laurel Spillum, ALC English Skills Lab Instructor if you have any questions.

English Conversation Groups

Improve your English speaking and listening skills. Everyone is welcome! Come join us in Library, Room 144 (SLC Conference Room), during any of the following meeting times:

  • Mondays: 4 - 6pm (Abbas Habibi)
  • Wednesdays: 10 - 11:30am (Elise McLain)
  • Thursdays: 9 - 11am (Steve Cox)
  • Fridays: 9 - 11am (Steve Cox)
  • Saturdays: 11 - 1pm (Abbas Habibi)

Begins Week 2 and ends the week before finals. Students may join these groups at any time on a drop-in basis. Groups are most appropriate for students at ESOL Level 4 or higher.

English Conversation Partner Program

Meet one-on-one with a conversation partner. Come visit to find out more!

  • If you are a non-native speaker (and a PCC student) who would like to improve your English speaking and listening skills, just drop in to work with a volunteer. Volunteers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the posted schedule in the Student Learning Center.
  • If you speak English like a native speaker and would like to volunteer, fill out a volunteer availability form and submit it to Shani Ong.

Free Workshops

Everyone is welcome!

Workshop schedule
Workshop Location Date Time Presenter
Tips for Timed Writing LIB 144 Thursday, April 6 12 - 1pm Bonni Goldberg
Note-Taking Strategies (option 1 of 2) LIB 144 Tuesday, April 11 12 - 1pm TBD
Reading Strategies LIB 144 Tuesday, April 11 1 - 2pm Colleen Barajas
Beginning the Writing Process - Prewriting Techniques LIB 144 Wednesday, April 12 1-2pm Eliazabeth Wilson
Introduction to Factoring LIB 144 Monday, April 17 2 -3pm Usha Patel
Basic Sentence Patterns LIB 144 Monday, April 17 3 -4pm Sophie Bridges
Pronoun Practice Part I LIB 144 Tuesday, April 18 1 -2pm Colleen Barajas
Structure of an Essay LIB 144 Tuesday, April 18 2 -3pm Claudia Hutchinson
Note-Taking Strategies (option 2 of 2) LIB 144 Wednesday, April 19 1 -2pm TBD
Identifying Reliable Sources LIB 144 Wednesday, April 19 2 - 3pm Adrienne Tremain
Using Commas LIB 144 Thursday, April 20 1 -2pm Nancy Bennani
Analyzing LIterature- Characters, Symbolism, and Theme LIB 144 Thursday, April 20 11:30-1pm Adrienne Tremain
Learn How to Type! Introduction to Typingclub.com LIB 138 Friday, April 21 12 -1 pm Nerva Pfund
Pronoun Practice Part II LIB 144 Monday, April 24 1-2 pm Colleen Barajas
Perfect Tense LIB 144 Monday, April 24 2-3 pm Eric Nelson
How to Write a Literature Review (most appropriate for science and social studies) LIB 144 Wednesday, April 26 1 - 2pm Adrienne Tremain
Solving Word Problems (best for Math 60, 65, 70, and 95) LIB 144 Thursday, April 27 12 -1pm Chia Stockwell
Sentences and Fragments LIB 144 Thursday, April 27 1-2pm Nancy Bennani
Rules of Exponents (option 1 of 2) LIB 144 Monday, May 1 12 - 1pm Chia Stockwell
Introduction to Factoring (option 2 of 2) LIB 144 Monday, May 1 2 -3pm Usha Patel
Passive Voice: What is it and How Can I Avoid It? LIB 144 Tuesday, May 2 11 - 12pm Elise McLain
Rules of Exponents (option 2 of 2) LIB 144 Thursday, May 4 12 - 1pm Chia Stockwell
Conditionals LIB 144 Monday, May 8 2 - 3pm Eric Nelson
Building Vocabulary - Sharing Helpful Strategies LIB 144 Monday, May 8 3 - 4pm Abbas Habibi
Adjective Clauses LIB 144 Tuesday, May 9 11-12 Elise McLain
Semicolons, Colons and Dashes, Oh My! LIB 144 Tuesday, May 9 2 -3pm Timothy Ong
Adding & Subtracting Fractions With Numbers and Variables LIB 144 Thursday, May 11 12 -1pm Chia Stockwell
Related Rates LIB 144 Monday, May 15 12 -1pm Chia Stockwell
Solving Equations by Factoring LIB 144 Monday, May 15 2-3 pm Usha Patel
Adverb Clases LIB 144 Tuesday, May 16 11 - 12pm Elise McLain
Finding the Main Idea LIB 144 Wednesday, May 17 11:30 -12:30pm Elise McLain
Citations for Academic Research LIB 144 Thursday, May 18 12 - 1pm Kelsey Keeler
Rules of Logarithms (option 1 of 2) LIB 144 Monday, May 22 12 -1pm Chia Stockwell
Rules of Logarithms (option 2 of 2) LIB 144 Thursday, May 31 12-1pm Chia Stockwell
How to Write a Summary LIB 144 Tuesday, May 23 11 -12pm Elise McLain
Adding Pizzazz to Your Writing LIB 144 Tuesday, June 6 2 - 3pm Claudia Hutchinson

Math resources

Contact Heiko Spoddeck, ALC Math Instructor for more information.

Cheat Sheets

Great Trigonometry Cheat Sheet

  • KhanAcademy: (all math) Excellent videos, but you can also login and practice. Important: You do not have to go through every practice, you can pick and choose.
  • HippoCampus: (MTH 20, 60, 65, 95, 111) Excellent videos, many from Khan Academy, but they are more closely related to our courses. However, the topics are not in the same order.
  • CoolMath: (MTH 20, 60, 65, 95, 111, 112) Good and flashy :)
Websites recommended by students
Statistics Resources
Calculator Support Sites

ClassPad: A list of step-by-step guides

English Skills resources

Contact Laurel Spillum, ALC English Skills Lab Instructor for more information.

Composition podcasts
Grammar & Punctuation podcasts
Grammar & Writing
Study Skills
Communication & Pronunciation

Casual, Work-Study, and Volunteer Positions


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