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Eric Danko, Writing Center tutorEric Danko
Eric Danko is an aspiring fiction writer here at PCC, working toward an English major and, eventually, a Master’s in Library Science. In addition to being a tutor here at the Writing Center, Eric also works part-time at the Cedar Mill Library in the circulation department. He enjoys the kind of nacho cheese you can only get at movie theatres, taking pictures of his friends before they notice, and writing mythology. Most of all, though, he enjoys helping others strengthen their writing. This is partly because he enjoys seeing people walk away confident with their writing, and also because by working with others, he strengthens his own writing as well. Whoever you are, wherever your interests lie, Eric looks forward to helping you out.
Andy Zboralksi, Writing Center tutorAndy Zboralski
Andy Zboralski escaped from the pirate ship known as the Black Freighter in 1834. A century and a half later, circa 2003, he graduated with his master’s degree in English literature from Portland State University. Happy to be free of servitude to pirates and professors, Mr. Zboralski continued as a writing consultant in the writing center at PSU, and he began to teach research and writing classes at Portland Community College during the fall 2003. He has since worked as a writing assistant for Asian literature and history classes at PSU and continues to evade unconditional servitude.