How to Prepare

gmail envelopesPrepare to migrate your PCC Email

  • Look over the Gmail Adopters Hand Out for new user information.
    • When your account is migrated to PCC Gmail you will have access to our PCC Google Community Support site which will provide many more useful resources.

  • Delete emails you won't be needing in the future.
    • Delete very large emails
    • In MyPCC email, use the "Select All‟ checkbox (located at the very top of the column of checkboxes) to select and delete.
    • If you have email attachments you want to save but don't need the email itself, open the attachment, save the document temporarily on your computer and delete the email. Once you have the new system, you'll be able to upload and save the document(s) to Google Docs.

  • Rename email folders:
    • If folder names are longer than 40 characters, they will not migrate successfully.
    • If folder names contain any multiple spaces or special characters, such as @ < > ^ % ( ) * / + ' # " &
    • If there are nested folders with the same name as the parent folder.
  • If you have created nested folders:
    • Save at least one email in the Parent folder along with the nested, child folders.

  • Make a note of any Filters you may have created. You will need to recreate them after your email is moved to Google.
    • Shortly before your email is migrated, you'll be emailed a summary which includes details about filters you have created.

  • Empty your email "Trash."