PCC Google Training

Google Apps Training for PCC Faculty and Staff

Here are some training and help options for work groups or individuals;

google apps for education logoWork with your manager to request a 'Work Based Training' for your staff or department. Learning as a team, especially with the collaborative Apps; Drive, Calendars, Groups and more, is one of the best learning experiences we can offer. Choose from these Training Packages or come up with a variation, then contact the TSS Training Team for a short intake and planning meeting.


google community support channelCheck out our PCC Google Community Support web site by logging into MyPCC's Home Tab and clicking on the link under the 'New Email' channel.




help settings listUse Google's online resources in a Google Search or under the App's Settings (gear icon). Each App (mail, calendar, drive, groups and sites) has a specific 'Help' page located in Settings.