Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

How to set up a training

The TSS Training Team offers customized Google training for all PCC employees. Work with your Manager or Dean to determine which of the training packages below (or some variation) would work best for your group. Next, we’ll set up a short intake meeting to discuss specifics, then schedule a training session in a computer lab at your campus!

small package

Package 1: Overview and Open Lab

Package 1 is designed for users who would benefit from an overview or refresher on the main features of Google Email and Calendar. Following this hands-on overview is an Open Lab, where you can get individual help with things like mail settings, Labs, and special issues you are experiencing.  This package but can be customized to fit your needs.

medium sized package

Package 2: Beyond the Basics with Google Docs

Package 2 is designed for Google users who already have a good start with email and calendars and want to learn how to maximize other tools.

  • 5 Helpful Email Tips and Tricks
  • Calendars for Workgroups
  • Google Drive: Share and Collaborate documents
  • Hands-On Open Lab Q & A

large package

Package 3: Working Smarter

Package 3 is designed for departments who are familiar with the basics of Google tools and want to work on specific projects and applications unique to their needs. We consult with you beforehand in order to gear our training to your specific interests. We emphasize hands-on application and help your department set up the tools to enhance your work processes.

Potential topics Include:

  • Google Drive, including Forms
  • Advanced Calendars
  • Delegating Email Permissions
  • Google Groups and Sites
  • Open Lab Q & A