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Strategies To Motivate Your Students To Read & Prepare Before Class (Innovative Educators)

Wednesday, February 11, 10-11:30

Student readings are a usual and integral part of most courses. You can tell students why the reading is necessary for the course. But do they come to class having completed readings and ready for the next steps? If your answer is no or usually not, this seminar is for you. Dr. Alice Cassidy will share with you techniques she has found to be successful in her practice and provide references to the theoretical grounding in the literature. Learn how to make pre-reading meaningful to students by helping them connect classroom activities directly to sections of the text. You will see how techniques such as Ticket to Class, Value Line, Mind and Concept Maps, Reflection, and Jigsaw can turn “It doesn’t really matter if I read this” into “I want to read this and link to the course topics.”

The New Faculty Majority: Supporting & Honoring Your Part-time Faculty (Innovative Educators)

Wednesday, February 11, 12 noon - 1:30pm

Part-time faculty are now 60% of the faculty in higher education institutions. They contribute significantly to student success and the economic well-being of institutions. They should be recognized and valued as collaborators with full-time faculty and administrators. This webinar will examine the changing role of part-time/adjunct faculty and provide strategies every institution can implement to honor their part-time teaching staff. Participants will be provided with ten low-cost and innovative strategies that can be implemented immediately to demonstrate the institution’s commitment to and appreciation of part-time faculty.

Active Learning: Innovative Strategies That Will Dramatically Improve Student Engagement (Innovative Educators)

Wednesday, February 25, 10 - 11:30am

We all want to help our students learn. What are some techniques that will ‘hook’ or bring in your learners and keep them motivated? How can you add more spice to your teaching repertoire? Considering how diverse our students, their interests, backgrounds and preferred learning styles are, no one technique will be successful all of the time.
How you ever thrown a snowball in class or run a whole class based on students’ questions? Join Dr. Alice Cassidy and discover innovative techniques and strategies you can use right away to encourage students to engage with the course material and objectives. Participants will have the opportunity to share examples of their own best practices with faculty from institutions around the country

Critical Thinking in Action: Using Content to Construct Argumentative Essays in Any Class - A Step-by–Step Approach (NISOD)

Thursday, March 26, 11am - 12 noon

This webinar begins with a summary of research that shows the specific flaws in how people use evidence. Next, the facilitator provides an overview of the single methodology that has shown measureable gains in critical thinking skills. Building on that foundation, a step-by-step approach to applying this skill to any content area is provided, resulting in quality argumentative essays that are rich with evidence.

Dr. John Eigenauer, Professor, Philosophy and English, Taft College

Engaging New Faculty Through an Instructor Preparation Academy (NISOD)

Thursday, April 23, 11am - 12 noon

Transitioning from industry to academia represents a unique type of career change. Examine how Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) uses an Instructor Preparation Academy to prepare and support faculty members in their new profession as educators. By the end of this webinar, participants will understand NWTC's philosophy about hiring industry experts for faculty positions, the key components used during the Instructor Preparation Academy, how to use Faculty Learning Communities as a support system and instructional cohort, and how to create an Individualized Professional Development Plan. This webinar is a precursor to a NISOD conference presentation titled Instructor Preparation Academy: A Journey From Industry to Education.

Cliff Goodacre, Faculty Development Consultant, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Free One-day Courses (CE credits) from the Center for Careers in Education

The Center for Careers in Education offers courses on a variety of topics to help instructors increase their effectiveness in the classroom. The courses present and model research-based ideas and strategies and allow time for participants to share practices and applications with colleagues. They are free of charge to all PCC instructors. View more details and register for courses.

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