TLC at Rock Creek

Teacher Improvement Program

What is TIP?

The Teaching Improvement Program has been on the Rock Creek Campus since 1988. It uses a systematic approach to teaching improvement based on your individual needs. TIP is accepted as professional development.

A trained Teaching Consultant assists your collection and analysis of data, development and implementation of teaching strategies, and recollection of data to assess effectiveness of your activities. Your consultation with the peer instructor continues on an individual basis throughout the term. The process is:

  • Voluntary
  • Supportive
  • Highly personalized
  • Confidential—results remain between your consultant and you

Who Can Use TIP?

Anyone who is interested in excellence in teaching, including:

  • An experienced teacher who is searching for effective teaching techniques
  • The master teacher who is continuing efforts to update and energize the classroom
  • The new teacher who is looking for direction
  • Full and Part-Time teachers

How Does TIP Work?

Contact the Rock Creek TLC Coordinator to initiate the process.

  • Arrange an initial meeting with your consultant to establish goals and a good working relationship.
  • Arrange a classroom observation.
  • Have your class video recorded.
  • Revisit both the classroom observation and the recording of the class.
  • Schedule a time for the teaching consultant to conduct a Small Group Interactive Discussion to get feedback from your students. This discussion takes about 20 minutes.
  • Complete a final review with the consultant, establish goals for future teaching, and discuss resources available to the teacher.

The commitment averages 10 hours over the course of one term.