Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Facility and Resources

The TLC is a resource for faculty and staff on campus. Whether you need a place to eat lunch, prepare for class, relax, meet with colleagues, or grade papers, the TLC is the place to go. You can also reserve the TLC for an event by emailing or calling Heather Mayer, the TLC Coordinator, at ext. 3108. Please specify whether you are reserving the community space (7/117), the conference room (7/117D), or the classroom (7/116), and if you need any audio/visual assistance.

Take the TLC video tour. There have been some changes since this video was made, the former technology room is now the Instructional Technology Specialist’s office.

There are two staff offices located in the TLC Community Space:

TLC Coordinator’s Office (7/117C)

Coordinator: Heather Mayer

Instructional Technology Specialist’s Office (7/117B)

ITS: Rondi Schei

There are three sections to the TLC:

Community Space (7/117)

The community space includes furniture, podium, SMARTBoard, two computers and two laptop stations with access to a small printer. This area can be reserved for presentations or meetings seating 10-15 people or be utilized as a collaborative space. This area will also have access to reading materials and teaching resources.

Conference Room (7/117D)

A conference room is also available for use in the TLC. This area is designed for smaller meetings and a quiet place for collaboration efforts. This room includes a table, chairs, phone, and white board. The conference room seats 8-10 people.

TLC Classroom (7/116)

Next door to the main space you will find the TLC classroom. The classroom includes a white board, podium, and projector, and seats 40 people. Rock Creek TLC Classroom Scheduling Guidelines.