Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The TLC advances the mission of Portland Community College by providing resources for faculty and staff to continue to deliver accessible, quality education to our students. The TLC is most successful when faculty and staff are engaged in creating, facilitating, and attending sessions. The TLC provides meeting space, financial resources, and assistance in planning and implementing workshops, conferences, information sessions, and job-specific and pedagogical training. The half-time TLC Coordinator and Advisory Committee oversee the operation of the TLC, with support from the Dean of Instruction.

Facility Information

The Rock Creek TLC is located in Building 7, Room 117. The doors to the TLC should be unlocked all hours the campus is open. If you are trying to get into the TLC and the doors are locked, please contact Public Safety at ext. 4902 or ask the Science and Technology Division in 7/202. Learn more about the TLC facilities.

Events in the RC TLC

To see events scheduled in the RC TLC please visit the Rock Creek Teaching Learning Center (TLC) Calendar. To schedule an event please check the calendar for availability and contact the TLC coordinator to schedule.

Conference Funding

Grants to attend professional development conferences are awarded through the TLC.

Teaching Improvement Program

The Teaching Improvement Program has been on the Rock Creek Campus since 1988. TIP is a voluntary program that uses a systematic approach to teaching improvement based on your individual needs. Learn more about TIP.

TLC Events Feedback

Did you enjoy an event? Tell us to have more just like it. Was an event unbearable? Tell us how we can fix it. No events of interest? Suggest one. We are waiting to hear from you, so get in touch!