Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Anderson Conference 2013

Dr. Preston Pulliams speaks at the 2013 Anderson Conference

Friday, February 1, 8am to 4:30pm
Cascade Campus, TH 202
Diversity as a Resource for Teaching and Learning
Registration has closed.

Stipend available for PT Faculty in attendance

Conference Overview

Registration & Breakfast
Welcome & Overview
Workshop I
  • Academic Reading Across Disciplines
  • Diversity of Resources at PCC Library
  • Classroom Diversity Exercise
  • Intercultural Communication: Ontology of Language
Film Fest/Cultural Events
Workshop II
  • Equity & Diversity in the Classroom
  • Mixing It Up: Linking to videos, ebooks
  • Building Community One Conversation at a Time
  • Using Analogy to Teach Organization/Revision
12 noon
Workshop III
  • Student Panel
  • Digital Divides, Digital Literacies
  • Diversity as a Resource: Social Justice Framework
  • Teaching (Science) to Students with Disabilities
President Pulliams & PCC Foundation
Workshop IV
  • Universal Design/Syllabus
  • Computer Literacy
  • Who You Are/How You Teach
  • How to Develop Social Justice Working Group Within Your SAC
Reception & Sign Out

Getting there

The conference will be held on Cascade Campus (link to campus map). We recommend that you carpool with instructors you know, take mass transit , or use alternative transport (link to PCC shuttles), as parking is extremely limited. If you must drive your own car, please plan to arrive early and spending time searching for a spot. See Cascade Parking Guide for details.

Cascade Campus Transportation Options

Satellite Parking Lots
Locations include North Michigan/Sumner (Emmanuel Temple Church); North Williams/Killingsworth (Salvation Army); 1001 N. Killingsworth St. (Telephone Exchange East); 1041 N. Killingsworth St. (Telephone Exchange West); and Portland Metro Workforce Training Center.
PCC Shuttle Service
The free shuttles connect all PCC campuses and centers, and can be a good way to get to class or work.
Bus lines #4 and #72 serve the Cascade Campus and its surrounding area.
Light rail
The Yellow Line MAX train operates near the campus with the Killingsworth Station a mere six blocks from Cascade.
Bike Rentals
For $15 per term, students can rent refurbished bicycles at the campus’ student government office. Check out the Cascade Bike Rental Program.
Rideshare Permits
Ride Share is a new program offered by PCC to encourage students who would normally drive separately to ride to campus together.
Students, faculty, and staff who do not commute via single occupant vehicle can use Car2go to run errands, to get someplace in case of emergency, or to go to a meeting.

Registration and Sign-In

Registration and Sign-in will be held 8-8:30 am in Terrell Hall Rm. 202. Registration for latecomers/half-day participants will be available throughout the day in TH 202. If you are a Part Time Instructor and you would like to receive a stipend ($50 half day/$100 full day) you will need to sign in AND sign out at the end of the day. You will also need to provide your PCC G number.

Fundraiser and Prizes

We will be holding a fundraiser with prizes! All proceeds to benefit the PCC Foundation’s Campaign for Opportunity. Prizes will be awarded during the reception immediately following the final workshop, 4-4:30 pm in Terrell Hall 202. We encourage you to attend.

Film Festival

Finally, please plan to attend the opening night of the 23rd annual Cascade Festival of African Films at the Hollywood Theater (4122 NE Sandy Boulevard). Opening night begins at 6:30 pm. Films are free and open to the public. See more at African Film Festival .

Trimet directions to the Hollywood Theater from Cascade Campus:

  1. Start at N Killingsworth & Commercial, stop ID 3156
  2. 4:38pm - board 72 Killingsworth/82nd to Clackamas TC
  3. 4:53pm - get off at NE Killingsworth & 42nd, stop ID 3199
  4. Go to NE 42nd & Killingsworth, stop ID 7519
  5. 5pm - board 75 Chavez Blvd to Milwaukie
  6. 5:12pm - get off at NE 42nd & Sandy Stop ID 7527
  7. Walk 0.1 mile southwest to 4122 NE Sandy Blvd
  8. End at 4122 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland