The Dean Shirley Anderson Conference 2015

Winter Conference on Teaching and Learning

Friday, January 30, 2015
Rock Creek Campus
The Collaborative Educator: Theories, Models, Skills
Online registration is now open

You’ve heard it. You’ve used it. You might like it. You might not. It’s a buzzword. “Collaboration.” In the increasingly networked and interdependent community of PCC, collaboration is essential. We serve on committees, have our students work in groups, and interact around cubicle walls. This conference will highlight what we are doing well, how we can improve our practice, and how collaboration can optimize the time and energy we pour into our work. Specifically, the conference will offer models and methods of collaboration - in both an ideal sense and in real world practices, inside and outside the classroom. Join your colleagues in exploring why to collaborate, how to collaborate, and with whom we are collaborating. The conference will highlight how collaboration benefits you, your students, and your colleagues.