Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The Transformative Educator: Borders, Bridges, and Frontiers

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Part-time faculty receive a stipend of $100 for the day. Breakfast and lunch provided. Questions? Contact the Sylvania Teaching Learning Center Coordinators Laura and Michele at tlc.sy@pcc.edu.

Explore ways to improve our engagement with students through enhancing pedagogy, community building, as well as institutional and interpersonal practices. This conference takes its inspiration from, among other things, two classics works (available through the PCC library and inter-library loan):This Bridge Called My Back by Cherríe Moraga and Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza by Gloria E. Anzaldúa


Transformative educator: borders, bridges and frontiers. 2017 anderson conference presented by PCC teaching learning centers
Registration and Breakfast
8 to 8:30am
Student Union 202
Welcome and Opening Activity
8:30 to 9:15am
Student Union 202, 203, and 204
Transition to Workshop I
9:15 to 9:30am
Workshop I Breakout Sessions
9:30 to 10:40am
Workshop I Descriptions and Locations

Public Service Education Building (PSEB) 111
I’m Not College Material...Or Am I? Building Bridges to High School Through Career Exploration
Presenters: George Warneke, Andrew Cronk, and Adrian Rodriguez

Public Service Education Building (PSEB) 112
Supporting Women and Minorities in STEM
Presenter: Jenna Bell

Cascade Hall (CH) 205
Nonviolent Communication for the Classroom: Resolving Conflict with Respect
Presenter: Melissa Tennyson

Cascade Hall (CH) 209
Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Practical Approach for Communication
Presenters: Cynthia Thornburgh and Laura Horani

Cascade Hall (CH) 301
Entercation: But Really It’s Edutainment for the Modern Educator
Presenters: Luke Givens and Elizabeth Guzman-Arroyo

Cascade Hall (CH) 303
The Social Microcosm: How and Why the Classroom Is the Hub of Social Engagement for Community College Students
Presenter: William Butler-Paisley

Cascade Hall (CH) 305
Media Literacy in the Classroom and Beyond: How to Help Students Challenge Mainstream Narratives
Presenter: Lewton Jones

Transition to Workshop II
10:40 to 10:55am
Workshop II Breakout Sessions
10:55am to 12:05pm
Workshop II Descriptions and Locations

Public Service Education Building (PSEB) 111
Expanding Access to Education: Faculty Connecting Students to Scholarships
Presenters: Martha Bailey and Jennifer McBratney

Public Service Education Building (PSEB) 112
Best Practices for Student Veterans
Presenter: Stephanie R. Culbreath
Student Panel: Alice Phrakonkham, Esteban Acosta, Daniel Kaplan, and Erik Bittel

Cascade Hall (CH) 205
Are You Up For “The Challenge”? Get Out Of The Classroom And Into The Community!
Presenters: Hannah Cherry, Alissa Leavitt, Lisa George, and Laura Sanders

Cascade Hall (CH) 209
Flipping a Social Justice Classroom: Popular Education For Applied Problem-Solving
Presenter: Jimena Alvarado

Cascade Hall (CH) 301
How To Make Groups Smarter
Presenters: Shirlee Geiger, Peter Seaman, and Allison Gross

Cascade Hall (CH) 303
Finding the Human In Humanities: Brainstorming On the Problem of Cross-Temporal Barriers to Learning In the Humanities
Presenter: Timothy Watson

Cascade Hall (CH) 305
Breaking Down Barriers By Combating Implicit Bias
Presenter: Ann Su

12:05 to 1:20pm
Student Union 202, 203, and 204
Workshop III Breakout Sessions
1:20 to 2:30pm
Workshop III Descriptions and Descriptions

Public Service Education Building (PSEB) 111
Tour de PCC: The Roadmap of an F1 International Student
Presenters: Harminder Pooni, Ashleigh Hruz, and Deanna Pulliams

Public Service Education Building (PSEB) 112
Disability Cultural Competency: Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice
Presenters: Kari Hanken, Angel Chesimet

Cascade Hall (CH) 205
PCC Fostering Success: Building a Support Network for Foster Youth Students
Presenters: Neal Naigus and Lisa Feinics

Cascade Hall (CH) 209
Popping the Filter Bubble: Seeking a Broader, More Inclusive Understanding of Political and Cultural Events
Presenters: Roberta Richards, Laura Sanders, and Torie Scott

Cascade Hall (CH) 301
Handling Conflict or Difficult Conversations In the Classroom or Meetings
Presenter: Rut Martínez-Alicea

Cascade Hall (CH) 303
Are Grades Earned or Awarded? Using Metacognition Activities To Build Academic Capital and Put Students Back in the Driver's Seat of Their Performance
Presenters: Barbra Steinhurst, Dana Harker

Cascade Hall (CH) 305
Trans Inclusion 101
Presenters: Mae Stephenson, Marcus Mastrud, and Kole Jules Render

Transition to Plenary
2:30 to 2:45pm
Plenary and Dessert
2:45 to 3:45pm
Student Union 202, 203, and 204