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Prepare for your assessment tests by taking this online workshop! We'll offer some tips and strategies to help prepare for your test.

Purpose of the Assessment Test

PCC wants students to be successful with their education.  An assessment test informs the student and PCC staff about where the student needs to continue with his or her education. The test allows the student to make choices about prerequisite classes he or she may need to take to be admitted into a specific program.

Taking an unnecessary class costs the student both time and money, so the test can eliminate taking unneeded classes. A placement test can help a student with planning if extra classes are required prior to enrollment in a specific program.

  • Test scores are used to help ensure accurate placement in English, reading and math courses.
  • All students who wish to enroll in 6 or more credits, declare an intent to pursue a college degree or certificate, or plan to enroll in math, science, or English courses should take the assessment test.
  • Tests use a multiple-choice format.
  • The student’s basic skills are tested in Writing, Reading, and Numerical Reasoning.

Is the Assessment Necessary?

  • If a student is transferring from another college or has already had college courses, an assessment test may not be necessary. See a PCC Academic Advisor to discuss this.
  • A copy of the student’s transcripts may provide the necessary information to exempt them from taking the assessment test.
  • The transcript should be no older than three years for math and five years for writing.
  • Any grade of C or better will allow a student to enroll in the next highest level of study.