Transfer Credit Standards and Processes

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You must be a current credit PCC student to request a transfer credit evaluation. Request a Transfer Credit Evaluation after PCC has received official transcripts from the institutions you attended previously; your evaluation cannot be requested until we have received your official transcripts. Evaluations are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Turnaround time is dependent upon the volume of requests and other factors, such as end of term awarding. While you wait for your official evaluation to be processed, you can bring unofficial transcripts to an advisor for a preliminary, unofficial review and prerequisite overrides.

Traditional Transfer Credit

Standards for Acceptance of Credit How to Request the Evaluation
From US Institutions
  • Coursework must be completed at a regionally-accredited institution.
  • Student Records will evaluate lower division collegiate (LDC) coursework (see current PCC Catalog).
  • Career Technical Education coursework may be transferred upon departmental approval.
  • Up to 16 credits of upper division coursework may be transferred upon student request; courses must be direct equivalences to PCC courses.
  • Grades of C (including C-) or better required for transfer.
  • P and S grades are only transferable when the issuing institution defines the grade as C (including C-) or better.
  • Non-degree seeking students' prior coursework is transferred only when needed to satisfy PCC's Standard Prerequisites, as well as commonly used preparatory coursework in other subject areas (e.g. Biology).
  1. Submit official transcripts to Student Records (advisors will forward official copies submitted during advising sessions).
  2. Request evaluations via the online Transfer Evaluation Request.
  3. You will receive an email in your MyPCC inbox when transcripts have been evaluated.
International Transfer Credit
  • Coursework listed on foreign transcripts may only be evaluated by Student Records when accompanied by an evaluation from a NACES approved evaluation service.
  • A course-by-course evaluation from the evaluation service is required.
  1. Review the information on the Evaluation of Foreign Transcript web page.
  2. Have transcript(s) and course descriptions translated.
  3. Have translated transcript(s) and evaluations evaluated.
  4. Submit course-by-course evaluation to Student Records.

Non-Traditional Credit

  • You must have an established transcript (one college credit) at PCC before non-traditional credit can be awarded.
  • A maximum of 45 credits of non-traditional credit (this includes AP, CLEP, IB and Military, non-regionally accredited coursework) may be granted.
  • Non-traditional credit may not be used to establish PCC's residency requirement.
  • Only those subject areas taught by PCC will be considered.
  • Not submitting the required fee prior to request, or not submitting required documents and transcripts/scores simultaneously, will cause a significant delay in the processing of non-traditional credit.
Standards for Acceptance of Credit How to Request the Evaluation
Military Credit
  1. Pay the non-refundable $10 fee prior to evaluation.
  2. Submit your military transcripts to Student Records, along with the Credit for Military Training Request Form.
CLEP See The College Level Exam Program (CLEP) information page.
  1. Pay a non-refundable $10 fee prior to evaluation.
  2. Submit official test scores to Student Records, along with the Non-Traditional Credit form.
AP See Advanced Placement information page.
IB See the International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit Exams information page.
Formal Course Work at Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions Individual departments will evaluate and assign PCC equivalences
  1. Submit detailed training records, course outlines and, when possible, transcripts to the department for approval.
  2. Pay a non-refundable $10 fee prior to evaluation.
  3. Submit to Student Records the Non-Traditional Credit form after it has been signed by the Department Chair, along with supporting documents (e.g., course descriptions, curriculum outlines, syllabus, etc.) that were reviewed by the department.

Life Experience Credit

In general, PCC does not offer credit for life experience. There are some professional/technical programs and lower division college academic departments that may offer a course challenge for specific courses. Contact the program department chair for more information. The course challenge information can be found on the college academic standards handbook page. Note: no more than 25% of credits applied toward a degree and/or certificate may be earned via the course challenge process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all of my transfer coursework is listed. Why?

We are evaluating Lower Division Collegiate (LDC) coursework only. Career Technical Education and upper division coursework will be evaluated upon request and pending department approval in the case of Career Technical coursework. If you are unsure what constitutes LDC coursework, see the current PCC Catalog.

PCC does not transfer in coursework from other institutions where grades of D, F, or NP/U (No Pass/Unsatisfactory) were earned.

Why are some of my transfer courses listed as 1XX or 2XX?

Whenever possible PCC assigns a direct equivalence for transfer coursework, in which case the PCC equivalent appears on your unofficial transcript. When there is not a near-equivalent course at PCC, the course is assigned a 1XX or 2XX within the appropriate subject area. In many cases these courses will still satisfy specific PCC degree requirements.

Why do the grades for my transfer coursework have a 'T' in front of them?

This simply means that the course was transferred in to PCC. For example, a grade of ‘B’ earned at another institution will appear as ‘TB’ on your unofficial PCC transcript. These grades will not appear on your official transcript; rather a summary of your total credits transferred will be listed on your PCC transcript.

Will my transfer GPA be included on my transcript?

Transfer GPA is neither calculated by PCC nor included in the overall GPA on PCC transcripts.