Student Records

971-722-7100 | FAX: 971-722-7135 | P.O. BOX 19000 Portland, OR 97280 | | Mon through Fri: 8am to 5pm


These requests are now processed at the Registration & Records offices at all three campuses (Cascade, Rock Creek & Sylvania) and at Southeast Center.

  • ordering official transcripts
  • requesting enrollment verifications
  • processing other important student enrollment forms.

(Please note that Child Support Verifications are still performed by Student Records staff at the Downtown Center.)

As the custodians of PCC academic records, Student Records is responsible for processing transcript requests, receiving incoming transcripts, enrollment verifications, name changes, graduation, and other processes that protect students' records.

Most requests for student records can be completed in MyPCC.

What do you want to do?

Request Official Transcripts

Requests for Official Transcripts may be made online, by fax or mail. Ordering transcripts online through MyPCC is the quickest way to get your transcript request processed.

You may order transcripts by fax or mail by printing and filling out the Transcript Request Form.

View Final Grades

To view final grades, log into MyPCC and visit the My Courses tab. You will find a link to ‘Grades’ in the Resources channel.

Instructors enter grades after finals week. If the grade for one of your courses isn’t available on MyPCC by the Friday after finals week contact the instructor.

Summer Term

For summer term, the online system is available starting Monday of the third week. This means you don’t have to wait until the end of the term to check your grade if your class finished early. Grades for short summer classes should be available a few days after the class ends.

Change Name and Social Security Number on your Records

In order to change a name or social security number, official documentation is needed. Use the Student Records Change form and provide the documentation listed below.

Name changes

All name changes require one piece of valid photo identification, a copy of an official name change document and the Student Records Change Form with student’s signature.

Social Security Number changes

All Social Security Changes must be accompanied with a copy of social security card, one piece of valid photo identification and the student’s signature.

Transfer Credit From Another Institution to PCC

Portland Community College has begun a pilot project to evaluate transcripts on file for all new (Fall 2008) and current PCC students. Read more about how to transfer credit from another institution to PCC.

Graduate from PCC

One term before your final term at PCC you will need to begin the graduation process.

Verify Enrollment

Enrollment verifications are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse and can be accessed via MyPCC. If you need a proof of enrollment you can get this by going to the Paying for College tab in MyPCC and clicking on Get Proof of Enrollment.

Consent to Release Records

PCC must follow all applicable state and federal laws (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA), rules and regulations that apply to student records. Therefore, all information contained in the college records which is personally identifiable to any student shall be kept confidential and not released except upon prior written consent of the student or upon the lawful subpoena or other order of a court of competent jurisdiction. Unless otherwise specified, this release will be valid for one academic year (fall through summer) All releases must be renewed annually. Use the Consent to Release form to request release of your records.

Questions or concerns about FERPA should be directed to the Registrar at 971-722-7100.