Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The following PCC staff are able to work with students who are on Academic Warning, Academic Probation or Academic Suspension. If you have been meeting regularly with a particular advisor, counselor, department or program advisor for academic support, you may continue working with that person. If you do not have an established academic support person, contact your campus Advising/Counseling Center for an appointment or referral.
Last Name First Name Position Title Campus
Aytche Sherri Assistant Coordinator, Multicultural Center RC
Badri Dorothy Academic Advisor CA
Bailey Stedman Student Resource Specialist SY
Bedient Sonya Counselor SY
Black Andrew Academic Advisor, Newberg Center NEC
Boyd-Bunch Merry Spec/Learning Skills CA
Bradach Kathleen Academic Advisor SY
Brown Janice Academic Advisor RC
Browning Linda Engineering Department Advisor SY
Bull Ethan Student Resource Specialist SY
Butler Michelle Spec/Learning Skills, Perkins Title I CA
Chadwick Laurie Coord/Education, Perkins Title I SE
Christain Phil Academic Advisor Coordinator SE
Christian Ginny Asst. Coordinator Women's Resource Center SY
Chulufas Roxanne International Student Advisor RC
Cloud Katrina Apprenticeship & Training Specialist STC
Cottrill Pat Academic Advisor Coordinator RC
Davidson Dan New Student Orientation & Advising Specialist CA
Davis Angelina Disability Services Counselor SY
Donohue May Academic Advisor RC
Dowd Tammy Disability Services Counselor CA
Dow Jo Lynn High School Completion Advisor SY
Earley Jim Counselor RC
Elliott Jackie Counselor SY
Elsasser Sarah ROOTS Advisor SY
Eshleman Lucinda Academic Advisor Coordinator SY
Fasold Shannan Part-time Instructor, Counseling SE
Fasulo Jim Academic Advisor CA
Frank Simone Counselor CA
Gallo Amanda Academic Advising  Specialist CA
Garman Tracey International Student Advisor CA
Goldberg Bonni Health Admissions Advisor SY
Griffin Barbara Casual Advisor SY
Halloran Paul Advising RC
Hanken Kari Disability Services Counselor RC
Heinrichs Paula Veterans Specialist SY
Henry Karen Spec/Learning Skills, Perkins Title I CA
Josifek Jeff Instr/Med Lab Tech, Medical Lab Tech CA
Hoenig Marta Academic Advising Specialist SY
Larson Jane PCC Prep SE
Lee Loan Academic Advisor SY
Lee Hal Counselor SY
Levine Jessie Spec/Learning Skills, Perkins Title I RC
Loomis Catha Counselor SE
Loomis Dawn Paralegal Advisor CA
Luff Michelle Academic Advisor RC
Mahon-Decker Marie International Student Advisor SY
Mannen Merilee Student Life/Leadership Development SE
Maxwell Michele Computer Department Advisor SY
McCoy Patty Spec/Learning Skills, Perkins Title I CA
McCashew Arlene Architecture, Drafting & Interior Design Department Advisor SY
McKenna Ruth Disability Services Counselor RC
McLaughlin Cheri High School Completion Advisor CA
Miller-Tatro Pam Counselor CA
Montoya Melanie Student Resource Specialist CA 
Moyer Rebecca PCC Prep SE
Muehleck Jeanette Student Resource Specialist SY
Murphy Annette Spec/Learning Skills, Perkins Title I RC
Nashiwa Todd Academic Advising  Specialist SY
Neill Sara ROOTS Advisor SY
Nording April High School Completion Advisor RC
O'Reilly Anne Counselor SY
Paez Karen Division Dean Student Support Services SY
Pfund Nerva Retention Specialist SY
Pinkal Jason Online Advising and Student Success Specialist  
Pulliams Deanna International Student Advisor SY
Quay Gretchen Academic Advisor SE
Redeau DaMarcus Academic Advisor SY
Ritchie Ariana Academic Advising  Specialist SE
Ritchie Don Academic Advisor SE
Ritchie Jordan Casual Advisor SY
Rumney John Counselor RC
Ruzicka Bryan Academic Advisor SE
Samson Shelly Academic Advisor SY
Sauve Lindsay Health Admissions Advisor SY
Schmidt Suzanne Health Admissions Advisor SY
Sengdeng Kristin Academic Advisor - DE SY
Seto Irene Academic Advising  Specialist SE
Sills Catherine Advising SY
Simmons Traci Spec/Learning Skills, Perkins Title I CA
Sin Lap Man Communication Resource Specialist CA
Springer Becky PCC Prep SY
Stark Melissa Health Admissions Advisor SY
Stoutenburg Nancy Counselor RC
Swint Steven Coord/Education Center, Hillsboro Center Program HEC
Tolva Magdalena International Student Advisor SY
West Linda Beaverton Early College SY
Whitford John Academic Advisor CA
Williams Lynda Academic Advisor SY
Williamson Conrad ROOTS Advisor CA
Zweben Harry Disability Services Counselor CA