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Welcome to the STEM Center!

Empowering K-12, college students and the community by creating a pathway to college and career success by utilizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
CA Students in BI 112 SE Students in CH 221 perform dilutions for a spectroscopy lab classroom of students watching a robot student working with machining equipment SE Campus BI 231 Students identify landmarks of the human skull class stands in front of mt. st. helens sign group of students smiling Learning about Anatomy and Physiology on the SE Campus students watching a robot competition presentation by ohsu slide of an organ group watching a presentation meterologist presenting to group booth with STEM materials doing an experiment group watching a presentation jessica howard and guest holding a book called Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States


PCC provides and strengthens opportunities for Portland-area students in STEM education.

STEM fields –

  • science,
  • technology,
  • engineering, and
  • mathematics

– are recognized for their importance in the technological advancement of societies and for their increasing role in the workforce of the future. Emphasizing innovation and critical thinking, STEM skills are increasingly important in order to succeed in a knowledge-based economy.

PCC views STEM broadly in order to facilitate a range of scholarship and work that emphasizes connections among disciplines, occupations, and issues.* This perspective provides a broad lens through which to view and develop educational pathways and paradigms, community resources, workforce partnerships, grant projects, and outreach. Our goal is to enhance the success and efficacy of our students and the communities we serve.

This webpage constitutes an initial effort to identify, organize, and in some cases link the many and widespread STEM efforts at PCC. The website is also one part of our strategy to build organizational capacity for additional STEM opportunities for students. The college's STEM offerings to date include courses and programs in career/technical fields and for university transfer; career pathways and certificates; outreach initiatives to increase diversity and capacity in the STEM pipeline; and plans for a STEM Center. These offerings are strengthened through robust industry connections, partnering with school districts, and grants from the National Science Foundation and others.

*PCC partners with a variety of outside funding entities who may define STEM more narrowly for grant-project work.