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Now Recruiting for the STEM Center Student Advisory Council (STEM Council)


We are currently recruiting for a new student-led forum to support programming of The STEM Center. The purpose of the STEM Center Student Advisory council (STEM Council) is to establish a student-led forum for the creation, promotion, and implementation of STEM Center programming. Members of the STEM Council will work collaboratively with the STEM Center Manager and Math, Science & CTE faculty to support a comprehensive STEM career path for K-16 students in SE Portland.To learn more or apply, check out our application page.

Applications accepted until January 31st.


The STEM Center

Empowering K-12, college students and the community by creating a pathway to college and career success by utilizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

CA Students in BI 112 SE Students in CH 221 perform dilutions for a spectroscopy lab classroom of students watching a robot student working with machining equipment SE Campus BI 231 Students identify landmarks of the human skullLearning about Anatomy and Physiology on the SE Campus students watching a robot competition presentation by ohsu slide of an organmeterologist presenting to group booth with STEM materials doing an experiment group watching a presentation jessica howard and guest holding a book called Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States

PCC provides and strengthens opportunities for Portland-area students in STEM education.

STEM fields –

  • sciences,
  • technology,
  • engineering, and
  • mathematics

– are recognized for their importance in the technological advancement of societies and for their increasing role in the workforce of the future. Emphasizing innovation and critical thinking, STEM skills are increasingly important in order to succeed in a knowledge-based economy.


Photo of Oregon MESA students The STEM Center is excited to partner with Oregon MESA to help equip underrepresented students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills. Involvement in Oregon MESA has been found to improve student success in math and science classes, a new report shows. Read the full report on the Oregon MESA website.
Flyer for AWG Scholarship Interested in geoscience? Take a look at this scholarship opportunity for women geoscientists! See our Scholarships and Fellowships page for more info!
Map of Learning Garden

The installation of Southeast Campus' new learning garden is underway. Situated west of Administration Hall, check out the progress as Southeast adds a comprehensive outdoor learning space. The garden will feature:

  • an herb spiral
  • green house
  • raised beds
  • compost bins
  • and more!

Both credit and community students will be able to study in it, faculty will be able to teach in it, and the entire SE campus will be able to enjoy it.


Interested in spring planting? Let us know! To get involved, or for questions, contact our Learning Garden Coordinator, Arielle Solomon at arielle.solomon@pcc.edu