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Empowering K-12, college students and the community by creating a pathway to college and career success by utilizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

CA Students in BI 112 SE Students in CH 221 perform dilutions for a spectroscopy lab classroom of students watching a robot student working with machining equipment SE Campus BI 231 Students identify landmarks of the human skullLearning about Anatomy and Physiology on the SE Campus students watching a robot competition presentation by ohsu slide of an organmeterologist presenting to group booth with STEM materials doing an experiment group watching a presentation jessica howard and guest holding a book called Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States

PCC provides and strengthens opportunities for Portland-area students in STEM education.

STEM fields –

  • sciences,
  • technology,
  • engineering, and
  • mathematics

– are recognized for their importance in the technological advancement of societies and for their increasing role in the workforce of the future. Emphasizing innovation and critical thinking, STEM skills are increasingly important in order to succeed in a knowledge-based economy.



Sugar SkullsWe're hosting hands-on STEM learning opportunities for 2-12 graders through our partnership with Saturday Academy. In the "Dias De Los Muertos" class, students are integrating Art into STEM exploration. Sugar skull painting is in full swing! Register for classes today, including "LEGO® Physics: Intro", "Rebuilding the Town of Mishap" (a collaborative Engineering class), and "Study Skills"

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Check out the new STEM Library Research Guide. Find help on a range of subjects, from Anatomy & Physiology to Chemistry to Physics. The Research Guide provides helpful websites and resources, such as: background info, peer-reviewed articles, films, and help from librarians and tutors! Find out information about potential STEM Careers and Research How To's, as well as exploring library services.

Picture of Girls Inc Workshop

The STEM Center offered two Saturday workshops in May for Girls Inc, whose mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Twelve girls from the Eureka program– which encourages exploration of STEM fields-- visited the STEM Center to learn about drafting, CAD (Computer Aided Design), and 3D printing. They learned how to create their own 3D models using CAD and as well as providing a hands-on demonstration of how 3D printers work. The workshops were held on May 21st and 28th.

Photo of Math Manipulatives Event

Thanks to a generous grant from Intel, the STEM Center at Portland Community College’s Southeast campus offered two interdisciplinary events this spring called Math and 3D Printing. The STEM Center brought math and computer-aided design & drafting students together with K-12 students for an opportunity to learn about 3D printing. They created math manipulatives of their own design, designs that may be used in future classes to help returning students reconnect with mathematical concepts. The events were held on May 14th and June 4th.

Photo of 3D Printer

On behalf of the Portland Public Schools 7th-Grade Maker Experience, PCC faculty and staff led two cohorts of students in three-day workshops with hands-on learning integrating chemistry, CAD and 3D printing. Not only were students exposed to the tools to make and invent their own products, they also learned about chemistry and had fun creating their own 3D printed designs. The Maker Camps were held May 2nd through the 4th and May 9th through the 11th.