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ROOTS Classes

ROOTS staff

ROOTS students are required to take three specifically designed College Success classes. The classes are free for our students and are taken during their first year with the program. Some of the topics discussed in the classes include learning styles, organizational skills, time management, degree planning, and financial literacy. These classes help students create a solid foundation for their educational success. Each class is two credits and meets one time per week.

Academic Advising

ROOTS Advisors play a very important role in our program, helping students to create an individualized academic plan.  Whether students are seeking a certificate, a two-year degree or a transfer degree, this plan helps students determine what classes need to be taken in order to reach their goals. Each term students meet with their Advisor at least twice to plan and register for classes, update their academic plan, or to just check in and chat. The ROOTS Advisors are here to support students, refer students to other services within PCC and throughout the community, and to highlight opportunities for success.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid can be a very important component to many students' success while attending school. Financial aid helps some students pay for school with grants, loans, work-study or some combination of these funding sources. The ROOTS Program is dedicated to helping students receive the fullest financial aid package available and to having that package include the least amount of loans possible. Because the financial aid process can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, the ROOTS Program has enlisted the help of a Financial Aid Advisor. See the information and links about the FAFSA, PCC financial aid deadlines and information, financial aid disqualification and more below. Please remember that the ROOTS staff are available to help answer any questions about the financial aid process.

PCC also has a variety of scholarship opportunities available for students.