Delivery Schedules

Sylvania CC Building, Room 116 | Gen. Info: 971-722-4670 | Contact: Print Center

General guidelines for the time required to produce materials:

If you have a tight timeline please call 971-722-4670 to ensure we can complete your project on time.

  • 24 hours for 15-100 copies of a few originals
  • 1 to 3 days for 200-500 copies of many originals
  • 3 to 5 working days for quality printing (after graphic design and preparation)

Items to be printed are picked up and delivered to a single location at each of the individual campuses. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or time to deliver to individual offices.

Print Center Pick-Up and Delivery Schedule

No afternoon deliveries. PMWTC, Downtown and Willow Creek please call 971-722-4670 for pick-up.

Campus Pick-Up & Delivery time Bldg. & Room
Cascade 8:45am CH 108/Mail Room
Southeast 9:15am Tabor 121
CLIMB 9:45am CP 112
Rock Creek 10:30am Bldg. 3, Rm. 116
Willow Creek by request Receptionist Desk
METRO by request Bldg 1
Downtown by request Receptionist Desk

Peak periods of use occur before the start of each term, at mid-terms, and during finals week. Please allow additional time beyond the normal time lines listed above. Our leased copiers are found in most major college buildings for small runs of less than 15 copies per original.