Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Membership Requirements

PTK membership is based on academic achievement. In order to apply for membership through this chapter, a student must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in Portland Community College either full-time or part-time.
  2. Have completed at least 12 units of coursework leading to an Associate in Arts degree or a transfer program at PCC.
  3. Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5 at PCC.
  4. Enjoy full rights of citizenship in his or her respective country.
  5. Submit the completed application form to the ASPCC office (Bldg 5 Rm 119)
  6. Pay a one-time fee of $100.00 at the ASPCC office. Limited number of needs-based grants available to cover a portion of the one-time fee, visit Bldg 5Rm 119 for further details.

The downloadable application form requires the FREE Adobe Reader to view and print.

Applications are also available from the ASPCC office (Bldg 5 - 119). The one-time application fee of $100 covers the international dues of $65, regional dues of $10, and the chapter dues of $25. Fees are due when the application is turned in.