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Beta Gamma Lambda Mission

Phronimon (Phi) Thumos (Theta) Katharotes (Kappa) — Wisdom Aspiration and Purity

The mission of Beta Gamma Lambda is to recognize and encourage scholarship, academic achievement and excellence among students of Rock Creek Portland Community College. We will provide and promote opportunities for individual growth and the development of leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service to the community. We will strive to create an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas, ideals, and stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Our colors are those of our society, blue for scholarship and gold for purity.

As a chapter our goals are to step up the ranks of the Five Star Chapter Program and involve our members in our Honors in Action and College Project.


Please consider applying for a volunteer position with Phi Theta Kappa!

Job descriptions and applications can be found in the Phi Theta Kappa Info Packet and Application.

Students who participate in Student Life say that they . . .

  • gain skills in leading groups or teams
  • gain skills in working as a member of a team, or collaborating with others
  • gain skills in problem-solving
  • gain skills in conflict-resolution
  • improve communication skills
  • become more creative
  • use critical thinking skills
  • learn to manage resources (budget, supplies, materials, etc.)
  • learn to design or implement programs to enhance student learning or involvement
  • learn more about college policies and procedures
  • gain awareness about the needs, concerns, and issues of students from backgrounds different from theirs
  • learned about other cultures (life, history, traditions, music, food, etc.)
  • discovered new talents or abilities

No experience is necessary. Student must be a Phi Theta Kappa member, taking at least 8 credits per term, and maintaining a 3.0 accumulative GPA to hold an officer position.




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