Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

  • No weekend service
  • Park for Free at Willow Creek
  • Ride for Free between Willow Creek & Rock Creek Campus
  • MAX Line Transit Station located at Willow Creek

Rock Creek to Willow Creek

Depart Rock Creek Arrive Willow Creek
7:15am 7:25am
9:15am 9:25am
11:15am 11:25am
1:15pm 1:25pm
3:15pm 3:25pm
5:15pm 5:25pm

Willow Creek to Rock Creek

Depart Willow Creek Arrive Rock Creek
7:25am 7:40am
9:25am 9:40am
11:25am 11:40am
1:25pm 1:40pm
3:25pm 3:40pm
5:25pm 5:40pm