Car Sharing

Car Sharing is a short-term car rental agreement where you pay by the hour and the rate includes your insurance. Car Sharing has become a popular transportation option for many Portlanders. The three most frequently used are listed below, along with a brief description of each. If you choose to drive a Zipcar or a Car2Go to a PCC Campus, you will not need a parking permit. Car2go will also have a designated spot at Cascade, Sylvania and Southeast.


Getaround is a unique option for car sharing because the company does not actually own any vehicles. Getaround provides opportunity for both car owners as well as car renters. Each person who owns a car can set up a profile to rent their car by the hour, for a rate that they determine. Due to the lack of inventory required, Getaround often offers the most inexpensive options for short-term rentals. Unlike the other two options, the renter is responsible for filling the car up with gas before returning the car.



CAR2GO has been around the world for sometime, but is new to Portland. The unique feature of this car sharing business is the single trip options - you don't have to pick the cars up or drop them off in a specific location. As long as the
car is left in the service area, on a public street, you can leave it when you
arrive at your destination! Also, all vehicles in the fleet are smart cars.


Zipcar is the most well known car sharing program. The Zipcar company owns a variety of vehicles for its members to choose from and has specific locations where the cars can be picked up and returned to. A big perk to Zip Car is prime parking spots reserved for Zip Cars in downtown locations.