Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Biking to PCC

Biking to work and/or school has a number of benefits including;

  • Healthy option of commuting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Money saving
  • Relaxation
  • Can save time

If you commute by bike - and we hope you do, please remember that your bike is a vehicle. Make sure you follow all traffic rules when riding on campus - auto drivers and pedestrians are depending on you to behave in expected ways, just as your own safety depends on them behaving in ways you expect.

Bike Parking

There are bike racks located on all four comprehensive campuses (Sylvania, Southeast, Rock Creek and Cascade) and at all PCC Centers. Some racks are covered and some are not. There are also bike lockers at both Sylvania and SE Campus. At Sylvania the bike lockers are located adjacent the HT Building and may be used by anyone on a daily first come, first serve basis. At SE Campus bicycle lockers may be rented by contacting ASPCC. If you are having difficulty finding a bike rack to park you bike, please view the campus map (bike parking is listed on each campus map).

Bicycles may not be brought inside any public areas at PCC and may only be secured to bike racks provided by the college. Securing bikes to handrails, light posts, signs, etc. is prohibited. Bicycles parked in violation of this policy may be impounded and the owner of the bike is subject to being cited for violation of PCC policy.

Bike Routes and Maps

Portland offers a plethora of options for bike routes.  We have tried to highlight the most efficient bike routes relating to PCC Campuses and Centers. 

Within the next year, TriMet is also developing a Trip Planner Tool that will allow you to plan a trip and specify if you’re willing to bike and how far you’re willing to bike in order to plan the most effective route.


There are locker rooms and showers available at most campuses.  The hours vary depending on school activities and breaks.  General and contact information is available for each campus.

Biking and Transit

TriMet provides detailed information about how to bring your bike on buses, the max and/or train. 

You can also bring your bike on the PCC Shuttles.  To keep you, and your bike, as safe as possible, please be sure to do the following;

  • Make sure to: remove water bottles and other loose items from your bike. 
  • Inform the bus driver that you will be loading your bike. 
  • You can load your bike from the curb or in front of the bus.  Do not step into traffic. 
  • As you approach your stop inform the bus driver that you will be unloading your bike. 
  • Unload your bike from the front of the bus or the curb, not from the street.

Please note, both TriMet busses and PCC shuttles have limited bike rack space and they are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Biking Partners

Looking for someone to bike to PCC with?  We have a solution for that!  You can login to drive less connect and find someone whose route is similar to yours!

Looking for bikes to rent? Cascade Campus ASPCC is now offering students 100% refurbished bikes for $15 per term.

Applications are available in SC 03 and at the INFO BOOTH. Bikes come with fenders, helmets, bells, locks and lights.Bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you have additional questions, contact ASPCC Cascade at 971-722-5188 or visit http://www.pcc.edu/resources/aspcc/cascade/BikeProgram.html.
Don't forget - this applies to Cascade students only.

Additional Sites and Resources


Two-wheeled motor vehicles do not require parking permits. They may only be parked in areas specifically designated for motorcycles. Parking in regular vehicle spaces is prohibited.