Additional Parking Options

To avoid parking issues all together, try one of the alternatives available to PCC students and staff; PCC shuttles, Ride Share, Biking, Public Transit or Car Sharing.

Southeast Campus

The Slavic Church parking lot, located just north of campus, is ONLY available to PCC Staff & Students from Monday through Thursday 7am-5pm. A PCC parking permit is required. Therefore any unauthorized parking will be subject to a violation of PCC Parking Policies. PCC Staff & Students are not allowed in this lot any day after 5:00 pm and are not allowed to park there on Fridays.


Additional free parking for those visiting Cascade is available at the PMWTC (5600 NE 42nd). You can park at the PMWTC for free and ride the PCC Shuttle to Cascade Campus for free!  TriMet also operates bus 72 along the route at a frequent service.

Rock Creek

Additional free parking for those visiting the Rock Creek Campus is available at Willow Creek (located at 241 SW Edgeway Drive, near SW 185th and Baseline Road).  Those parking at Willow Creek can ride the Columbia County Rider for free by showing the driver your PCC ID. TriMet also operates a bus from Willow Creek to Rock Creek (bus number 52) on a more frequent service. Don’t forget, Willow Creek also sits right on a MAX line!