Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Your first resource: Deans of Students

The Dean of Students office provides the following services:

  • Reviews your complaint and suggestion forms.
  • Oversees academic probation and suspension cases and petitions.
  • Honors students' excellent achievement in classes.
  • Reviews cases of instructor complaints.
  • Helps you locate important services.

Meet Your Deans of Students

Linda, Dean of Students

Linda Reisser, Cascade Campus - SSB 209

"We are here to help you. If you have a complaint about an instructor, we encourage you to put the complaint in writing. Depending on the situation, we may talk with the instructor, department chair and/or dean. We may also encourage you to talk directly to the instructor to try to resolve the situation. If you want to contest a grade or challenge decisions or actions of an instructor, the best way to do so is to follow the Grade Appeal procedures in the Student Rights and Responsibilities."

Narce, Dean of Students

Narce Rodriguez, Rock Creek Campus - Bldg. 9-115

"It is our goal to ensure student success, so we recommend using student services to help you reach your goals. The Deans of Students at each campus send letters to students who may have reached any stage of unsatisfactory academic progress including academic alert, academic probation or suspension. We are here to help students succeed and hope that you will come to us when you need assistance."

Heather, DOS Sylvania

Heather Lang, Sylvania Campus - CC 247

"I view my role as the Dean of Students as being an advocate for your success as a student at Portland Community College. I work closely with staff and faculty to develop programming, activities and interventions that are designed to meet the need for student support and engagement. I am dedicated to helping to improve the overall student experience at the Sylvania Campus. If you have a complaint or a suggestion for improving your experience do not hesitate to come to my office. Likewise, if you feel your student rights have been violated, my staff and I will assist you to understand the college’s Grade Appeal procedures as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Happy studying!"